10 Things You Can Do In An October Lockdown

So it's back! Lockdown is with us again and I'm always so optimistic but I feel this will be in our lives for the next couple of months. I decided to put together a list of 10 things that you do can to entertain yourself during an October lockdown.

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  1. Have A Halloween Movie Marathon

  2. Complete my Halloween Bucket List or create your own to complete

  3. Toast S 'mores and camp out in your back garden - I am so excited to do this!! I haven't had S 'mores since I was about 10 with scouts camping.

  4. Decorate your house a little earlier than you normally would to get into the Halloween spirit. This I am definitely going to be doing.

  5. Have a pumpkin carving competition with your family/friends Via facetime. Luckily my family are with me so we are doing this just not over Facetime, don't worry there will be videos of it.

  6. Order Halloween themed beauty products and have a pamper. I recently ordered some bath bombs from Bubble Trouble UK, which you would know if you followed by socials. I will be testing them this weekend whilst I treat myself to a well needed pamper session.

  7. Bake or cook Halloween foods. Pinterest is the MASTER of ideas for this!! THIS I AM DOING! So fun, especially if you have got younger children in the family.

  8. Organise a facetime party and get your family and friends to dress up as scary characters, decorate and party together with drinks, games and music.

  9. Choose something new to study or learn and see how much you can achieve by next year. I have taken a deeper interest into the Law Of Attraction. This is something that I have always believed in and quite honestly I don't know why I haven't taken more of an interest sooner.

  10. Journal what it's like for you in lockdown. Journal how you have felt this year, things that your eyes have been opened to, things you've lost, thing's you've gained and then use this to look back on when you're down because this year has been emotionally and physically hard for all of us. We have done it though and we re getting through this together. We have all have different experiences this year but there is always something good to come out of this, find what your good is and motivate yourself to make 2021 even better.

Until Next Time Witches! X

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