3 Lessons 2020 Taught Me

The year of 2020 was very different from the rest but it taught me alot about myself and the people surrounding me.

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The biggest lesson I have learnt is that I have no self discipline, like zero, ziltch, none. I kept saying that lockdowns and when I was off work, especially, was a great time for me to exercise, tone my body, eat healthier and learn something new, did it happen? No. Well, not as effectivly as I wanted anyway. The start of lockdown in March I was working out and getting somewhere then I just stopped and found myself not being able to get back into it. I did get in waking up everyday at 5am and only over the Christmas period has that kind of stopped. I also have spent the past couple of months learning about manifestation. The main thing for me is that I never carried on the exercise, I lost my motivation and became lazy. I need to teach my self discipline and this will massivly be coming into action in 2021.

I have also learnt how much I take trips to the coffee shop, the, "I'm just popping out for an hour to the shops," and the hugs and handshakes for granted. All of the little things in life that we do on a day to day basis was been taken from us in 2020 and that's when we began to realise how much we actually missed the small daily things that we would normally do and how much we really did take them for granted. Obviosuly there is going to be no drastic change over the next few months in regards to returning to some normality however from the lesson I've learnt from last year I have become more grateful and will continue to show my grattitude for even the smallest things.

Lastly, I have learnt that I am way more of a social butterfly than I thought. This is something that I have learnt even more over the past few weeks. I need human interaction and without it I feel myself crawling up into a ball in a dark whole also known as my bed. Sometimes it's not even the talking to people but just the thought of wanting to see others such as being at a busy restaurant or walking around shops etc, just having that human interaction.

All three of these lessons have followed me into 2021 and I will be using these to develop my grattitude towards even the smallest experineces such as being able to sit in Costa to enjoy my drink. The next is to talk more, socalise more, this is something that is extremely hard for me with my anxiety however it's a hurdle I am going to pass this year. Last, the most important one of all is self descipline because without that nothing can be achieved. I will be updating you on my progress throughout other blogs and sharing new pieces of advice that I learn on the way. What are lessons that you learnt in 2020 that you can follow through into the new year with you?

Until Next Time X

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