Halloween Snacks You HAVE To Try

Why do I love Halloween so much? Honestly, I couldn't tell you. However because of my great love for it I decided to try different Halloween snacks from different shops and rate them.

The first things I tried were the Soreen Loaf Bars. They have brought out two Halloween Editions but I went for the Chocolate and Blood Orange. In the past i have tried their apple, banana and strawberry loaves and all are yummy but these Halloween Editions are BY FAR THE BEST!! Not only that but they are perfect for lunchboxes, a quite, healthy snack with only 90Cals per bar. I bought these from @Tesco for £1.

Then it was the strawberry flavoured brains. They are basically you average jelly sweet which can be found in most stores but I got mine from @HomeBargains for 79p. They do taste delicious though like if they were around all year I'd probably have more. There are quite a lot in the bag so good quantity for the price.

Third is the Jaffa Cake Halloween Edition Cake Bars which are Blackcurrant flavour and OMG I love Jaffa Cakes but these are on a whole other level! If you don't believe when I say these are better than the originals then go and try them and let me know what you think. They are innnsane! They also only have Cals for bar which again is great for adding some Halloween magic to a lunchbox or for a snack. I picked these up in again Home Bargains for £1. Since I have tried getting these and it is proving HARD. I haven't found them in any other Home Bargains, Tesco, Morrisons, B&M or Asda.

Next thing I tried was goo heads. If you're not sure what they are basically like a Halloween Creme Egg but with just the white in. Creme Eggs are one of my favourite things that I love about Easter and now I know I can also get them at Halloween is great. The packaging is quite spooky and each egg is individually wrapped with a different character but the insides I feel could of lived up to the spooky theme too with maybe it being green or blue or purple or even black. I'd rate them but they could be more inventive instead of just white insides. I got these from Home Bargains, I can't remember the exact price but they were about £1 but I have seen them in Morrisons too.

Next was chocolate apples and if you have already read my Halloween Bucket List blog then you would know how much I love these and if you haven't, then please help a girl out and go give it a read. I have had one a day this week, my obsession with them is getting real bad and the worse part is I don't even know what I have this un dying love for them. I just do, okay! You can get these or toffee apples from most shops pretty much and they're usually under a £1.

These pumpkin shaped peanut butter delights by Reeces are mouth wateringly de-lish. I have had these before many times in other shapes but I seen these Halloween ones in a One Stop and they were calling for me. I can't ignore them so in my basket they went, obviously. They are seriously good.

You know those Krispy Kreme stands in supermarkets, well I have been looking every time I walk past one for Halloween ones and I FINALLY found some! I went into Tesco and got a pack of three doughnuts. I had two of the purple jam ones and one green. They were sooooo good, highly recommend. I don't have Krispy Kremes that often so when I do it's usually a treat and wow what a treat it was.

Overall, my favourite was probably the Blackcurrant Jaffa Cake bars just because they were shockingly yummy. However there wasn't one treat that tricked me, they were all good. What's your favourite treats? We've still got a week, I'd love to know what you love to eat at Halloween.

Until Next Time Witches X

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