Valentine's Day Date Ideas; Lockdown Edition

Welcome back badass babes. In today's blog we are back with the Valentine's day posts and I am helping all you couple out there find the perfect date ideas for lockdown.

Attend an Online Masterclass - You can take online masterclasses in cockatils, sushi, baking and so many more options. How fun could this be, in the comfort of your own home you could find yourself cooking up 5 star quality sushi with your partner. Something fun and something new.

The Cook Off - Why not each choose a dish for a starter, main and dessert and make small dishes of each then dress up, sit down and tuck into a 6 course meal. Then you can crown the winner of the best 3 courses. Cooking doesn't have to be boring!

Garden Camping - Great for those who love the outdoors! Get a tent and set it up in your garden. You can then get a BBQ and try cooking food, roasting marshmallows and watch some films on your laptop/tablet in the comfort of your own garden but it will still feel liek youre camping.

Home Cinema - These are becoming the new thing that everybody wants. You can pick up a projector for some small priced from the internet and set it up somewhere where you have a plain wall. Then grab all of the cusions and blankets you have and create a cosy fought, just liek you're a child again. You can also aadd fairy lights to make it even cuter.

A Wine and Cheese Night - Dress up, get out the wine and cheese and enjoy an evening of snacking, dancing and chilling with wine and music.

A Themed Night - Choose a theme whetehr it's 60's, 80's, harry potter, cartoons, star wars or even a colour and dress up, decorate and make/buy food and drinks that work with that theme. Have a party of two with games, music, drinks and food.

Re-Create Your First Date - Something a little more romantic. You could recreate your first date. For example if your first date was at an Itallian restaurant, then you can recreate the food you had or if your first date was at the cinema, watch the film again. Turn your home into a living version of your first date and relive an amazing moment again.

Until Next Time X

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