8 Habits Of Millionaires

Welcome Back Badass Babes. In today's blog I am sharing some very important tips and tricks of the millionaire life that I have learnt recently. Listen up and learn if you want to see that 9 figure bank account.

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  1. Early Starts; Always wake up early and at the same time. Say goobye to that snooze button, that no longer exsists. It's 5am from now on, wake up babe because it's your time to shine.

  2. Social Media Scrolling; Well basically any time wasting activies, social media just being an example that we all do. How many times have you strated scrolling Facebook or Tiktoka nd next minute realise it's been an hour? Hmm.. time is money honey.

  3. Surrounding Yourself With Level Uppers; Basically don't hang around with people who are lazy, lower your frequency and have no passion or drive. Surround yourself if people who are better than you, more successful and make you want to level the heck up. These types of people motivate you and raise your frequency.

  4. Steams Of Income; Manage your money and decide on at least 7 different ways to stream your income.

  5. Vision; Have a vision of what you want, how much you want, ways you can get it. No matter how big your want is visulise yourself as if you already have it, feel it, believe it and work to get it. Do this everyday, everynight, make it a routine and most importantly be thankful for waht you got and what you have coming.

  6. Never Give Up; Read 'Think and Grow Rich' and trust me you will never give up again if you truely want to become a millionaire. Why? Read it, one of the first stories told will change everything.

  7. Learn & Self Improve; Never stop learning. Be open to learn and always become better than you was yesterday because you have never learnt 'enough'. Grow your mind. Secondly, if you make a mistake, if you fail then learn and try again.

  8. Affirm; Write down your affirmations and tell yourself them every morning, every night. As I was saying earlier on visulise, but don't forget to choose some powerful affirmations that stand out to you and repeat.

Until Next Time X

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