A Letter To My Body

So hear this, on Instagram as part of showing love to yourself and gratitude to your body people are posting images and writing a letter to their own bodies and some of them are really powerful and more than likely relatable to over 50% of us. Quite a few people have said that by doing this it has helped them to come to peace with their own bodies, something a lot of us haven't yet done. So I thought I'm going to give it a go because I have had many struggles with body positivity and feeling good about myself.

"To my body,

I am sorry for always telling you that you are never enough. I am sorry for every hateful word I use towards you and I am sorry for mistreating you. I would like to tell you how grateful I am for you. You are incredibly strong. You are a gift to me. I promise that from now on I will always show you the love and attention that you deserve. I will always show you appreciation for all that you offer me. Most importantly, I will show you gratitude and always treat you with the most respect. I love you"

It's sad to see that so many people have started their letters with an apology, the same way that I have started mine. The truth is we all take our bodies for granted, we forget that by looking after our bodies we are helping ourselves to live a happier, healthier, longer life. We all have times when we forget how incredible our bodies are and honestly I am a culprit of that. That's why I feel like this task is so important, to remind us of that self love that we so gratefully deserve. Honestly this did open my eyes so I have wrote this in my book and this is a message I will read every morning to remind myself to look after myself.

Until Next Time! X

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