Being Single On Valentine's Day

Welcome back badass babes. Today's blog is for all you sexy singles who want to know how to make the most of Valentine's day.

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What is Valentine's Day about? Love and that is exactly what you can celebrate except you'll celebrating the most important love of all, self love. First thing is first being single on Valentine's day does not mean that you have to go without a date, infact you get the best date of all, yourself. Take the day as a stepping up the self love game. Wake up early, have a big breakfast, take a walk and breathe in the beauty of the nature surrounding you. Grab all of your favourite skincare products and give yourself some well deserved tlc. Make this day all about you and making youself feel like the badass you truely are. Decide on something you love and do it, whether it's grabbing out your art supplies and spending all day painting or eating your favourite foods whilst watching TV, no matter what you love, do it. The best thing about Valentine's day this year is that it takes place on a Sunday in the UK which means by giving yourself a full day of self love you can start the week fresh with a positive mindset, feeling good and radiating good strong vibes. Take this day as a glow up day for the upcoming week. I will link some of my self care blogs down below so you can get some more ideas. However, if you don't want to be alone then grab your girlfriends and have a galentines zoom party. Set a time and theme, dress up, grab the wine and party the night away.

So in conclusion, you are never alone on Valentine's Day because you are the best company you have got so show yourself some appreciation and love.

Until Next Time X

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