Bikini Battles: Boohoo VS PLT

It's time, let the battle of the bikinis commence. Hey guys, so in today's blog I am going to be reviewing the Boohoo Bikini VS the Pretty Little Thing Bikini. So let's get to it.

My Boohoo bikini was £12 which I purchased for my holiday to Malaga, Spain. It was orange leopard print with a gold chain like clip at the front of the bikini top. The bottoms had the gold chain effects on the sides. When it came it looked just like it did in the images on the website and on the model, which I was super pleased with. The bikini was true to size, which was good, because I always find it hard to find clothes that fit my hips.

I wore the bikini once whilst in Malaga for images outside the villa and to sunbathe for roughly an hour. I put the bikini on the following day and the clip on the front of the bikini top had completely snapped and broken. It was made out of plastic which wasn't very good quality considering I only wore it for a short space of time. Such a shame!

My Pretty Little Thing bikini was £10 and I bought this for my holiday to Paphos, Cyprus. It was a plain purple thong tie side bikini bottoms and a purple padded top with mesh detail. I bought both parts of this bikini separately. The top was a little smaller than expected but it still fitted as it was adjustable so I could make it looser. The material of the bikini was good quality and looked like it did on the images on the website. The bottoms I went for a size up but actually because they were a thong bikini I didn't really need too. They fitted great and because of the tie up sides I could adjust them slightly, however maybe I should of gone for my normal size.

I used the bikini once whilst in Paphos for images on the beach and to sunbathe for roughly about 45 minutes on the beach. I have since worn the bikini for some images and it is still in great condition. I honestly love it! The only thing I would say was that the style of the bikini bottoms is risqué because the material that covers you at the front is attached in a drawstring way which means that it can easily be moved so it's just about being mindful of the positioning of your bikini.

Although I liked both bikinis as they were true to sizing, comfortable to wear, stylish and great value for money, I do however feel like the PLT bikini won this battle.

Until Next Time X

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