Blogmas Day 11; How To Boss The New Year

With the end of 2020 coming to a quick close I thought why not write a blog about some things that you could do to make sure you boss you way in to 2021. So this blog isn't partically festive but something that I feel some people may want to hear.

So this blog is going to be very simialr to one I ahve already wrote which is Things you Should Do At The Start Of Every Month however this blog will be a little bit more indepth.

First thing is first, declutter and get rid of any toxic, draining vibes that are going to mess up your vibrations going into the new year. This could be as simple as looking though the photos on your phone and deleting any you do not need, going thorugh messages, emails and contacts and just refreshing your pages a little. You maybe you haven't gone through your wardrobe all year so now is time to change it about: Move your furniture and create a now layout or go through your clothing/shoes/bags/accessories and have a little spring clean. Anything you don't want can donate to charity or homeless shelters. Maybe you want to go a little deeper and rid of something, someone or even a habit that you feel is toxic. You can look at it and think why is it toxic, what is bringing your energy down about this certain thing and either find a way to look at it differently or completely get rid of it. Try to not carry any toxic, draining, back beating vibrations into 2021, especially after the year we have just had.

Review your year; Look back over your year and think back ton things you said you wanted to achieve, ahve you done them? Why? Is it because of covid or is it because you 'couldn't find the time'? What stopped you doing what you wanted this year? For example I have said all year that I wanted to work out more and this was probably the best year for it, the amount of free time that has been handed to me and I still haven't done it. Why the hell not? Just ask yourself these important questions and have a think about what you wanted to have done before the new, new year.

This is a follow on from my second point but this time you should set yourself goals and dates of when it needs to be done, for example 'By May 1st 2021 I will have a toned body that I am confident with and I will have grown my self love.' You can also set something so that you ahve no option but to get it done, my example is for my 21st Birthday I am going away and I will be wearing bikinis. I want to looks at my bikini pics from last year comapred to next year and see the difference. I have no choice but to make it happen. Do this as many times as you need with every single task you want or need to get done and don't stop until it's complete. This could work with assignments or uni or college, fitness goals, work around the house that needs completing, your business, whatever it is this system works as long as you put the work in to. My advice would be to write each of them down and then every morning read them so they almost become affirmations and soon you will start to see them happening.

Plan a staycay or getaway! Either on, plan something over the next week that you will do int he new year whether it's a major holiday aboard or a staycation at a lodge with a hottub looking out over fresh fields surrounding a glistening lake. Picture it, imagien what it would feel like to be there and book it for sometime nextv year. Hype yourself up for something amazing.

Spread love and grattitude, especially for those who fuel your fire within. Make a list either on paper or in your head of everyone who has fuelled you up, supported you, made you feel happy and safe and loved this year and find a way to thank them through actions. Repeat the kindness back to them to show your appreciation. Grattitude is one of the most important things to living a happy and successful life. If we lack in grattitude the universe will stop giving.

Reconnect with yourself; Give yourself some love and grattitude too because without your body you wouldn't be living this life. Take a day or an hour, no matter how long dedicate time to reflect on yourself, so soemthing you love, pamper yourself, feed kind and loving words to yourself and remind yourself how much of a badass you are. Sometimes we forget that without looking after ourselves we can't do anything like when you work and work and work or always look out for everyone else but yourself and then suddenly something happens that forces you to have to take care of yourself. Well, before that force happens you should be willingly taking care of you, mentally, spiritually and physcially. Reconnect with who you are, feel good and go into the new year feeling vitalised.

To finalise this blog I just want to remind you that you are a badass and you can achieve everything you want, you just need to believe in yourself. This year has been a massive blowout and even thought Covid isn't going to suddenly dissapear in 2021 together we are going to make it the year. No matter what gets in our way by following these steps, remembering them and continuing them on you, I, we will make next year our year.

Until Next Time You Filthy Animals X

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