Blogmas Day 12; Reviewing Mcdonald's Christmas Menu

Who doesn't love a cheeky festive menu? I have seen so many people trying the Christmas menu at McDonald's so I wanted to give it a go.

My first impression is that the festive menu isn't actually that festive, the only thing festive is the packaging. So before we even begin it's kind of blah. Actually, the Mcflurry is probably the most festive with the Celebrations Mcflurry but other than that it's just a basic menu.

The first is the Double Big Mac with a whopping 694 calories. It's got 4 burgers instead of two and twice the size. I love a big mac so I was very excited about trying this one. My verdict was that it was definitely bigger, just as much taste and worth the price, especially if you got it as a meal because it is filing. I'm not going to rate this burger because it's basically just a BIG big mac. However rating it on the festive scale I would say a 0 out of 10. I don't know what's festive about it.

Second is the Jerk Chicken Sandwhich with slightly less calories at 564. This burger is made up of a chicken select, Jerk sauce, onions, Pepperjack cheese slice, lettuce, Beechwood smoked bacon and the bun. It honestly sounds so good and looks good. Everyone who I had seen reviewing this said it was spicy so I was waiting for a bit of a kick but I actually didn't taste any spice at all. The burger was nice, for me it eas eatable but not something I would personally choose off the menu. Again I am not going to rate the actual burger but the score on the festive scale would be a .... *drum roll pleas* 0. Nothing festive about this burger neither. Come on McDonald's, eat least add something even a little more festive seriously?

Next up was the cheese melt dipper, which In am pretty sure are aroudn all year again? Comment down below if I am wrong but I'm sure they, or at leats some sort of cheese bites are anyway. They are really good but a complete bore on the Christmas celebrations os again I am ratign them a 0.

Next is the Celebration's Mcflurry and can I just say, "Hallalujah," finally something that's actually got some sort of Christmas vibe to it. Also this is doign just fine on the taste buds, yum! I would reccomend one of these 100%. The whole 343 calories is totally worth it. On the festive scale I would say a 5 out of 10, they tried but it's not really that great.

The next item is Reindeer treat, which is basically carrot sticks. At least these have a Christmas name right? Festive scale 5 out of 10, again they tried at least.

Lastly we have a drink and this is what I wanted to try soooo much and that is the Salted Caramel Latte. I actually had to try multiple times to have this drink but when I finally did.. yumm goodness. It was so good so if you are a coffee drinker, this is a total win and definitely worth the try. However on the festive scale a very, very strong 0.

So overall I don't even know if you can call it a festive menu. Basically there are two items the Celebration's Mcflurry and Reindeer Treats soooo all together the festive menu tastes good but ain't nothing Christmassy about it.

Until Next Time You Filthy Animals X

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