Blogmas Day 13; My Morning Routine

Welcome back to blogmas 2020, this blog is my morning routine thorughout December. I am currently on fourlough from my work so thought I would share with you what I am doing and how I stay motivated to write blog/do my daily errands etc whilst at home.

5.00am - Wake Up and make a cup of tea and have a glass of cold water to wake me up.

5.15am - Write my manifestations and read my affirmations 3 times.

5.30am - Read my book/Workout.

6.00am - Shedual some blog post and pop on social media.

7.00am - Have breakfast.

7.30am - Tidy and Light a candle.

I have recently started getting up at 5.00am to be more productive in the morning. On a normal day I leave for work at 7.30am so this means by getting up at this time I get to workout, have a breakfast, tidy or complete anything that I need to do without stressing. I also love a morning shower as it wakes me up and helps me to feel freshly motivated for the morning.

I have gotten really into manifesting and researching all about the power of it over the past couple of months and have put writing my manifestations and affirmations into my morning routine when I first get up. This has chnaged my attitude towards the day straigth away. By manifesting and repeating my affirmations in the morning it gets me thinking of the things that I desire which excites me, motivates me and creates a strong frequency of happiness with gives me an uplift throughout the day. On a normal day when I go to work my job can be quite stressful so by feeling happier in myself it has helped me to get less stressed throughout the day.

I can currently reading think and grow rich, which I have just started. I love to read business, well-being, self love books. The book I have just finished is how to be a badass and honestly it makes you think of the world in whole different way. By putting reading into my morning routine, because I read books that give me a lift like I said doing my manifesting does it also helps towards my attidtude and vibrations. It sets the day. Some mornings instead of reading I will do a small workout which is also great for my attitude for the day.

I am currently setting up blog posts for the week and making sure they are ready to go and that I have great content to share. Thsi helps me feel less stressed as everything is already step in place and ready to go. I also then go on social media check my sites, comment, like and share posts I love and connect with others small businsses and bloggers.

I then have breakfast, normally it's something liek scrambled egg on toast with chilli flakes. I also have a glass of water or a homemade smoothie that I blended myself which is normally a small banana and strawberries.

After breakfast I get to tidying and making my surrounding areas nicer to be in. I love clean spaces where everything is minimal and in it's place so makign sure I keep a clean and tidy house is important to me. I also fidn thata being in a surrounding that's tidy helps to motivate me more.

So there it is, my morning routine whilst on fourlough. This routine chnages slightly when I have work, some points I have mentioned above but overall it very simular. I'd love to know what your morning routines are or what you want to be your morning routine that you are currently working towards.

Until Next Time You Filthy Animals X

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