Blogmas Day 15; 7 Date Night Ideas For Christmas 2020

Welcome back to blogmas day 15!! Today, gathered by the title I presume, is my life of 7 date ideas that are perfect for Christmas 2020.

  1. Make Eggnog Together; You could also just use that as making something festive or something you have never tried before whether it be a drink, baking or maybe even a full meal. Do it toegther, take pictures an put on some Christmas tunes whilst you're doing it. Just let your hair down.

  2. Go For A Wintery Walk; Head to a nearby mountain or find a new trail that you havent walked before and get hiking, see some ebaautiful scenery with icy grass and frozen houses in the distance.

  3. Decorate A Gingerbread House; This is a fun activity for adults and just as messy as kids doing it. You could always giev yourselves themes are even make it into a competition. Get decorating and make yours the biggest and boldest gingerbread house there is.

  4. Picnic With A View; Grab some of both of your favourite foods and drinks, pack the car with a blanket, some pillows, battery powered fairy lights and find the highest spot you can find on a mountain, with an amazing view. To make the experience even better you also do it just before the sungoes down, trust me, try it.

  5. Have A Movie Night; Don't forget one thing, afterall it is Christmas so make it festive. Wrap up warm in festive PJs, under blankets with snacks and drinks and enjoy a festive movie night with both of your favoruite Christmas films. To make more of an evening out of it you could always make themed food to snack on such as the Grinch popcorn, Mickey Mouse hot chocolate and Santa strawberries with pancakes and chocolate spread.

  6. Go Camping; In your backgarden, set up a tent, an outdoor fire or mini disposable BBQ and get makign smores, bugers and hotdogs. You can put some Christmas tunes on and even decorate your garden to add a little more festive 'spice'.

  7. Exchange Gifts Challenge; You seen it on tiktok and all over social media so why not try it yourself and if you have no idea what I'm on about read on. Basically, the exchange gifts challenge is a fun activity that couples are doing where they have a list of 10 categories for example, something you love, something that reminds me of you and something that is your favourite colour and from there they each have to go out and get items that match the category for the other person. They then ahve to exchange and see how well they know eachother. You could do this in your house if your budget is a little tight and just make up more categories and just write them down. Make a game night out of it.

Until Next Time You Filthy Animals X

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