Blogmas Day 2; Christmas Eve Box Ideas

This is the first year that my mum and I are doing Christmas Eve boxes, I know, where have we been? Living under a rock or something it seems. So now we have established that we are extremely late to the Christmas Eve box trend let's get into it.

So basically at home is it just the two of us so we thought why not put a slight twist on it? We made a list of 10 MUST haves for the box, but it's vague. Instead of the usual we wanted to amke more fun out of it however if you prefer more of a traditional take on it scroll below to see some of my ideas.

Ofcourse we are getting the boxes fir eachother but we both had the same list of MUST haves to go off which were:

Something red

Something noisy

Something with a Christmas tree on it

Something you can wear

Something sparkly

Something fluffy

Something hot

Something you can eat

Something smelly

Something Christmassy

Honestly, it was kind of hard to find some of the items to put in the box however I did do it and just in time for Christmas. It was so much more fun than the usual box and I'm excited to see the things we both thought of for each category. My mum reads my blog so I won't put what I bought however if you come back for Blogmas Day 25 you will see what I got.

Some more ideas for Christmas Eve boxes could be a different colour per person, so everything in the box has to be for example red or green or grinched themed. You can also do it for letters where everything in the box has to begin with first letter of that person's name. For an example; My name is Elle so I could get eggnog, ....

However if you want to just keep it quite casual and simple then there are so many options too. The most common things you can add to make a Christmas Eve box extra special would be;

Clothing: PJ's (ofcourse), slippers, socks.

Bath & Body Treats: A bathbomb, bubble bath, shower gel, body scrub, bubble bar, lip balm.

Food & Drink: Chocolate, hot chocolate, flavoured coffee/tea, popcorn, crisps, nuts, chestnuts to roast yourselves, chocolate to melt and dip marshmallows/fruit in, a ready made cake mixture to bake some festive treats.

Kids: A key for Santa, reindeer dust, a craft kit to make a DIY snowman for example, colouring book.

Other: Puzzle games, a board game, a film, a toy, a book, candles.

It doesn't always have to be ina box niether, you could do a treasure hunt to find the items or put them in a bag or make a game out of it like pop the balloons to get certain presents. There are so many awesome ideas but the main goal is to celebrate a cosy night in with the family/friends, however you wish to spend your time.

I truely hope this helped you if you are stuck for ideas and don't forget I'd love to know what you're doing with your Christmas Eve Boxes this year!

Until Next Time You Filthy Animals! X

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