Blogmas Day 3; Elf On The Shelf Ideas

It's that time again, welcome the elf! We all know how it is, the first week or so we are loving it and have some really good ideas, then when you're warm in bed the thought suddenly dawns on you that you have forgotten to move the elf and have to come up with something at 1am in the morning. Well I have put together a list of 25 elf on the shelf ideas to help you out this Christmas because nobody needs the added stress this little guy brings.

Day 1; Toasting Marshmallows Over A Candle; All you need is mini marshmallows, a candle, soemthing for the elf to sit on and a cocktail stick. Sorted!

Day 2; Pooping In A Glass; Get some chocoalate drops and place it in the glass and then stick the elf on top of the glass with him bum inside. You can also do this in the sink or on the counter.

Day 3; Made A Snowman Out Of Toilet Rolls; Get drawining and stack your toilet rolls up with the elf holding a pen and looking proud of his festive artwork.

Day 4; Drew Faces On All Of The Eggs; The elf is in the fridge? You could also do him sticking googley eyes on everything in the fridge.

Day 5; Made An Elf Angel; Flour and a baking tray is all you need.

Day 6; Is In The Washing Machines

Day 7; A Candy Cane Hunt; Leave a note with the elf signed by him and send the kids on a candy cane hunt around the house.

Day 8; Eating Cat/Dog Food; EW!

Day 9; Creating A Rainbow With Skittles; All you need is a plain plate, put M&M's around the outside in a circular pattern. Add water and watch the rainbow appear liek magic.

Day 10; Elf Twister; Draw the circles ona large piece of paper and get the elf playing twister, you could also add other toys too.

Day 11; Rolling Down The Stairs; In toilet roll, ofcourse. We have to make a mess.

Day 12; Treasure Hunt

Day 13; A Secret Message

Day 14; Corona Elf

Day 15; Magic Trick

Day 16; Brought Back A Snowman; Get a bowl of water, add a small carrot, two chocolate drops as eyes and two small sticks for arms and a sign that says =, "I brought you back a snowman."

Day 17; Stuck In A Glass; This one is simple, turn a glass upside down and get him stuck

Day 18; In the Naughty Corner; Punishment for being naughty

Day 19; Hiding In The Tree; In the Christmas tree he goes

Day 20; Fishing Over The Toilet

Day 21; Overdoing The Coffee Intake

Day 22; Cling Filmed Up; Wrap your elf up in clingfilm

Day 23; Making Homemade Christmas Cards; Your elf can be waiting with allt he decoration items to do crafts

Day 24; Been Baking; The same as the crafts but baking instead, make some festive bakes or make breakfast/treat before the kids wake up and have them ready to say the elf made them

Day 25; Driving The Car; Stick your elf behind the wheel

So there it is, my top easy but effective elf on the shelf ideas for this Christmas. I'd love to see what your elf is getting up to. Don't forget to follow us on our social media for upcoming launch details for our brand coming 2021. Oh and ofcourse Christmas EVERYTHING!!

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Until Next Time You Filthy Animals! X

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