Blogmas Day 4; A Cosy Night In + Calendar Update

Who doesn't love a cosy night in? Picture it a dark, rainy night, your curtains are drawn and all you can here is the rain patting at the window. Between both hands you're holding a hot chocolate topped with light swirls of whipped cream and fluffy marshmallows. You're tucked in layers of fluffy blankets with thick knitted socks and cosy, Christmas pyjamas. On your TV is your favourite Christmas film and you got no worry in the world, you're just relaxed enjoying your evening in. Now doesn't that sound great? Well tonight I am having an aesthetically pleasing festive cosy night in and this is how I had mine. You can also see my videos and social media by following me using the tags below.

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Before anything else first thing is first, the Christmas tree lights have to be put on and light a candle. Set the scene a little bit. The candle we are currently burining is the @YankeeCandle Snowflake and it smells incredible. I actually bought it as a present and when it came the box was smashed along with the glass jar that the candle sits in. I got a refund but also decided to make something out of the candle which you will see in my DIY Christmas blog coming soon.

I then officially began my evening by making a warm hot chocolate stacked high with cream, marshmallows, a candy cane and a cute polar bear marshmallow topper which I found in @HomeBargains and just had to buy. They also had snowmen and snowflakes. I bought the snowflake ones and now really want to snowmen aswell but couldn't find those in the Home Bargains I went in the other day, so I will have to look on the weekend in a different one. Not that I am complaining. Whon doesn't love a Home Bargians and B&M trip?

Once my hot chocolate was ready it was time to take a look at my Christmas movie advent calendar and see what film was on the list to watch tonight. Drum roll please... it was Love Actually! I've seen this film how many times? I honestly don't know. It's one you have to watch every Christmas but it's not on my list of favourite films to be honest, it's not the best film ever. You can't watch a film for a cosy ngiht in without being wrapped up tight like a burrito between mountains of blankets, so that is exactly what I done. After the film ended we wasn't sure what to watch next but then rememebered that on day one of the movie advent calendar we only watched the first Nativity so decided to watch the other two also along with a couple more hot chocolates and snacks to keep us going ofcourse.

Before I bring this blog to an end I thought I would just update you slightly with the advent calendars. In my Popcorn Shed calendar so far I ahve had Salted Caramel 8/10, Berrylicious 10/10 and Say Cheese 5/10. The cheese one was nice but I open my calendars in the morning and I just feel it was very strong for that time but they tasted exactly liek quavers so i do rate them but only a 5 for 6am in the morning. The berrylicious ones, omg! I need more, I am literally so in love with these. They are so delicious. I could eat these for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, they are divine.

What's your favourite Christmas movie? Let us know on our social media or in the comments below. Have a wonderful day beauties.

Until Next Time Ya Filthy Animals! X

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