Blogmas Day 10; Christmas Baking Part 1

So today was all about the baking. I wanted to try making a few different recipes anyway and thought why not seeming I am off from work and Christmas is around the corner so I let's try and make some festive treats. I have been searching high and low for some awesome recipes I'd love to try and have chosen three: Christmas Tree Brownies, Peppermint Creams, Coconut Ice. You can see all behind the scenes on my social media.

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I started with the coconut ice, it was actually so much easier than I thought. I got the recipe from and they've classed it as a quite easy recipe but I would say it's very easy. The hardest part for me was trying to get the mixture into a Christmas tree shape, which as you can see on my social media didn't go massivly the plan. All you need to make them is condensed milk, icing sugar, desinanted coconut, green food colouring and sugar decorations to add the finishing touches. They had to chill in the refridgerator for a couple of hours but after an hour they were already set and then lastly, the taste, was sooooo divine. I really enjoyed making these and becaus they were so easy to make I will definitely be making them again.

Baking Score 4/5

Eating Score 5/5

We then moved onto the Christmas Tree Brownies. I got the recipe from so I thought it can't be that hard because she quite literally cooks with her kids and I was right. Before I knew it the micture was reaadyb to add into the cooking tin and bake away. All you need is cocoa powder, chocolate drops, butter, self raising flour, caster sugar, eggs, green food colouring and sugar decorations for the end image. A little bit more went into this than the coconut ice but it was still pretty easy and enjoyable. I did overcook them a teeny weeny bit so the edges were a little more cooked than I wanted however they tasted de-licious. I will be making these again!

Baking Score 4/5

Eating Scire 5/5

Lastly was the Peppermint Creams. I got his recipe from and they had said that it was easy and again, it was. All I needed for the mixture was icing sugar, peppermint flavoruing, lemon juice and green food colouring. This was probably the easist and quick recipe out of all three for actually making. Once the mixture is made you ahve to roll it out then cut small circles out of the mixture. I couldn't find the circle cutter so mine were a little off and by off I mean they were suppose to be round and I'm pretty sure I seen a hexagon somewhere. Once they set we tasted them and well.. they were interesting. I'm not sure if I added too much flavouring or what but they were so over powering it was unreal. You could not put a whole one in your mouth or even half without wanting to spit it out and even the tiniest little bit was so sour and tangy. I have had peppermint creams before and let me tell you they most definitely did not taste like that, I just don't know what happened but they didn't taste too good.

Baking Score 4/5

Eating Score 1/5

So the majority of the Christmas Cooking was successful, maybe not to look at but to taste yes. My presentation skills are those of a 2 year old child if not worse but rhe taste is the main thing right? Have you ever seen the show 'Nailed It'? If not, watch it, it's so funny and I would be perfect on there. It is basically a cooking show where average people bake in a competition but they aren't chefs and they have to try recreating all these amazing masterpieces. The end results are hilarious. Yep, that is the show for me. It's currently on Netflix, I love watching it. I will be bakign next week also and I really enjoyed this baking session so I am looking forward to the next. However for now I will say have a great day and I will see you on blogmas day 11 tomorrow, back at 12.

Until Next Time You FIlthy Animals X

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