Blogmas Day 6; A Festive Shopping Day

Today was the day I finished my Christmas shopping, I have never been so organised. I am normally picking up items two days before and some years even Christmas Eve. However, this year I said I was starting early so I did not havee to worry about getting what I wanted and that is what I done.

I started my day with a quick eyebrow refresh at @Katiesparkessalon based in Cwmbran - 100% needed. I always feel like I can conquer anything after getting my brows done, I feel liek your eyebrows shape your face, so a good brow is indeed needed. I only recently discovered this pink palace of a salon and love going here. I would definetly reccomend! After the girls turned my eyebrows from painfully awful to look at to, "I'm ready to conquer the world," my boyfriend and I set off to a couple of meetings before having a relaxing afternoon finishing up our Christmas shop.

These meetings are kind of secretive at the moment so I am trying to keep them in complete hush hush for now but sooner or later news will be announced. I love Christmas shopping, just the buying gifts for other people and the way you pick up one or two extra treat snacks without any sort of guilt and when gives you the look you just say, "It's Christmas." I love all the lights and decorations that really start making me feel festive as the darker nights draw in. The warm feeling of Christmas, being with friends and family (even though we may not have that privelidge this year) and to top it off when we woke this morning it was snowing so.. does that mean a white Christmas is on the cards this year for us?

After a full afternoon of shopping and me tiring my boyfriend out we head back to the house for some food and watched Christmas movies all afternoon. Lately, my mental health has been really taking over my life so little afternoons of no worry and just relaxing the mind helps alot. Then it was time for dinner and ofcourse a Saturday night tradition of the weekend takeaway. So I will be signing off now but I will be back tomorrow for Blogmas day 7!!

Until Next Time You Filthy Animals X

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