Blogmas Day 7; Reviewing Miller & Carter , Thornhill

Today's blogmas is all about food and reviewing Miller & Carter, Thornhill. I think the last time I went to Miller and Carter was probabuly last year so it was definitly an overdue visit if I do say so myself.

I feel like this restaurant is suppose to be seen as a little more upmarket on the affordable restaurants however when I'm inside I never get that vibe. Don't get me wrong it's got a nice atmosphere but not uppermarket atmosphere for me personally. It just feels like an overrated Beefeater, sorry, I said it. I went to the bathroom and honestly it's like I had stepped into public toilets at Newport shopping centre, actually infact I think the toilets at Newport shopping centre are cleaner. There was toilet roll on the floor, water (well, I am hoping it was water), all over the floor. The only thing nice about the toilets were the Baylis & Harding hand soaps. My boyfriend also said that his toilets were just as rank and there were, water like substances all over the seat and well, for somewhere that makes you dress 'smart casual' to even go in, you would of though that there would of been a bit more cleanliness in the toilets.

However not everything is bad with MIller & Carter, one things that is most certainly not overrated is the onion loaf. Can I just get a moment of silence for the goodness of this onion loaf. I need to find out how to make this because it's in-sane. By far my favourite thing on the menu. I also had the Pork fillet wrapped in bacon served with dauphinoise potato, asparagus, spinach, apple & sage jelly and rich bordelaise sauce. This was also very nice, I did enjoy it and I'd say out of 10 I'd probably give it an 8. The dauphinoise potato was also delicious and if I could, I would demolish one of these every day. These and the onion loaf and I'd be happy.

So overall the food was yummy, like always but the overall experience I feel didn't match up to the way they address it. If I am given a dress code for somewhere I am expecting and all I felt wass overdressed. All I wore were black leather trousers, a one sleeve bodysuit and a pair of black boots. I would of been more confortable walking in wearing a baggy jumper, a pair of jeans and some flat biker boots. But it was okay. Food = yes, experince = overrated.

Until Next Time You Filthy Animals X

P.S I am sorry Blogmas day 7 was a little late!! BUt please come back for day 8 at 12 today.

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