Blogmas Day 8; Lush Mini Haul Christmas Collection

One thing I love about Winter is when you are warm, chilling in a deep bubble bath with some Christmas tunes, scented candles and then you pick up that bathbomb and boom, a quick fizz and a little fuzz and suddenly your bath looks like you're looking through coloured lenses. YES please! So as the title states today's blogmas is ofcourse a @LUSH mini haul of some of their Christmas range and I am so excited.

My parcel arrived today even thoguht I only paid for normal shipping it still came pretty quick. I bought a bathbomb which is the Butterbear and three bubble bars which are the Candy Cane, Polar Bear Plunge and Elfie Stick. Honestly I thought I bought two of each but it turns out I only got one bathbomb but hey, it's all good! I just love new bath products. The packaging was when I opened the box the smell of the products just danced inside of my nose. I onyl have two things that I was a little meh about, firtsly one of my polar bears only had one arm so I thought oh maybe it came off int he box but when I searched through the mountains of parcel nuggets there was nothing to be found which obviously means it was packed like that. I don't know about you but even as a small business owner I would never send basically a quarter of a product, so not the best start. Also the otehr thing I didn't really like was the fact the actual products had no packaging around then in the box. This is one thing I dislike about the actual shop experince is that the items are always open, the idea of the hundruds of people going into Lush in a day and touching a product that I am going to be bathing in makes me feel a like queezy. This is why I have never haad a product from lush before. Those were about the only two things I had to say to be honest though.

After trying out all four the the bath products I loved each one. The scents were always strong and all four smelt amazing! The products fizzed or bubbled really well and honestly I was very impressed. I would reccomend and if you do buy I hope you get a whole product not a three quarters.

Until Next Time You Filthy Animals X

P.S Still really upset about my polar bear's arm.

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