Blogmas Day 9; Christmas At The Castle

So I'm back with blogmas day 9 attending Christmas at the castle in Cardiff. Winter wonderland is normally the go to festive event however with Covid-19 that has all been cancelled so Christmas at the castle is the next best thing, never been before so thought why not go check it out. I also filmed my experince attending here which can be found on my youtube channel, where I am also taking part in vlogmas 2020 @elunicoblog

So to start, we arrived in Cardiff and drove in cicles trying to find a parking space then began walking through central towards the castle. The vibes just weren't there, no christmas feel about. There were some lights and some shops/restaurants had gonee out on the decorations but nothing like usual. However I am giving a special shoutout to @TheIvy for really popping this year! This was about the only place on the main street that has some Christmas pa-zazz and I know everyone is feeling less Christmassy and a little disheartened about the year but if anything we should be celebratign even bigger with the things we can actually still do ie. decorating, baking etc. We got to the castle and there were a few stalls at the entrance, some food trucks and some funfair kind of games. Inside the castle grounds were a few more food stalls and some light up characters and reindeers. The most exciting part of Christmas at the castle was trying not to fall on the slippery cobbled pathway leading in. There were people there but not much to do, it was relaxing but I was honestly a little dissapointed by the lack of festivity around. Overall, I wouldn't reccomend to anyone to go just for this event unless they were in Cardiff and wanted to support the stall holders.

There are also a few stalls in wooden lodges in the central around the shops where small businesses go to sell their products, they are really cute and festive but as soon as you get to the end of that stretch the festive magic soon dissapears. It honestly feels liek everyone has given up with the year, which I sometimes do feel myself but then I remember that even though this year has been a major washout for most of us, good things are yet to come and we can use this time to our advantage so let's not loose all hope of Christmas being great this year. Only you can make it great, nobody else. Only you, so what are you waiting for?

So overall, the event, wait I don't even know if you can call it an event, the Christmas at the castle festivities were nice whilst they lasted I guess int he two second stretch of food stalls and an open fire. Other than that it was just plain old Cardiff, nothing different. Maybe next year it will be bigger than ever with the festive plans.

Until Next Time You Filthy Animals X

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