Brewing Potions: Attempting Halloween Cocktails + Spirits

I love cocktails and seeming we haven't been able to go out in the UK for a while to enjoy a nice cocktail I decided to create my own, of course Halloween themed. Making themed cocktails and spirits was part of my Halloween Bucket List and if you haven't read that blog then head over there and check it out. I have also uploaded so many shots onto my socials and behind the scenes of making these so don't forget to go check them out.

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Bloody Carrie

Red Cherry Liquor, Cherry Gin, Cherry Syrup, Lemonade Mixer, Cream & Black Skull Decorations

Monster's Inc

Gin, Apple Liquor, Lemonade Mixer, Cocoa Powder & Edible Garnishing

Bluetini Horror

Chocolate Orange Gin, Lemonade Mixer, Cherry Syrup, Cherry Liquor, Cream, Blue Food Colouring & Edible Garnishing

Devil's Blood

Vodka, Cherry Liquor, Cherry Syrup, Edible Garnishing & Pumpkin Knife

Girl's Blood

Pink Irish Cream, Cream & Cherry Syrup

In order of my favourite it was probably the Bloody Carrie, Monster's Inc, Girl's Blood, Devil's Blood then Bluetini Horror. I originally was going to follow recipes and try recreating ones that already existed but then decided just to have fun with it, mix it together and create a lot of mess. Honestly they all tasted good but VERY strong! It was great fun though, try mine or make your own and show me what you create.

Until Next Time Witches X

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