Bubbling Cauldron Making Kit Review

I love bath bombs so I decided to order myself a 'do it at home kit' from The Soap Loaf Company. I knew I was going to be off work for two weeks whilst we are in a Welsh lockdown so why not have a bit of fun making some Halloween goodies. I also recently reviewed a pumpkin and toffee apple bath bomb from @BubbleTroubleUK - If you haven't already check that blog out.

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The pack was to make bubbling cauldron bath bomb. It was super cute when I first opened the box, there were the ingredients needed with a spider, a glover for skin protection and the cauldron pot.

The first thing I had to do was pit the Bicarb and Citric Acid into a small mixing bowl and using the gloved hand mix it together until all lumps had gone. Then add the flavouring, which was Halloween Candy, it smelt so good. It reminded me of kettle corn from America. On the instructions they advised the amount of drops of both the scent and colouring to put in for the strength of bath bomb but I wanted it strong in fragrance and strong in colour so I added the whole of what was provided from both bottles. As soon as they had both been added it was them time to mix quickly until it became dry but if you pinched it it would stay together. Then into the cauldron it went. They said keep it in a cool place to let it set so I don't know if mine was cool enough because it did expand a little, which you can see in the image below. I thought this was great fun just to do something that was Halloween themed, something I don't do everyday and well, just something that wasn't work. The only thing I did think was I do feel they should of put two gloves in just to be sure but it was okay only having one, just a thought.

Then it was time the test. I poured my bath and put it in and it fizzed alright. This was probably one of the best bath bombs I've had for a while. There was a lot of fizz and it just kept going. The colouring was so strong, which is where I feel bath bombs loose their effect sometimes. Also the scent, I could still smell it for hours even after my bath. I also think the cauldron effect with it coming out of there was a brilliant idea. I would definitely recommend treating yourself or a loved one this Halloween to cheer someone up or for a little crafty sessions. Five star.

Until Next Time Witches! X

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