Date Night Wars: Lockdown

So to make lockdown a little more fun my boyfriend and I decided to have a competition on who could create the best in house date night with 1 day in advance to plan. The winner had to buy the other food.

My turn was first. So my idea was the recreate a beefeater mixed grill because we love going there and as it's been lockdown obviously we haven't been able to go. So I popped to the shop to buy the food, which didn't exactly go to plan because instead of getting steak I ended up buying pork steaks... silly me. So other than the pork and not steak I also got sausages and wrapped them in bacon, skinny fries and a chicken steak. So really it ended up nothing like a beefeater mixed grill.

I told him to dress up and we shared the meal in the kitchen with a candle light. Food was very nice and my pigs in blankets were so good. After food we watched some films in a den I had made because with a sheet creating a canopy over my bed.

Then it was his go.. Again we had to dress up. As I arrived and walked in his brother has also dressed up and was waiting the door like a waiter ready to take up to our table. The tale was set upstairs in his room with a fireplace screen on the TV and candlelight. For food we had steak, fries and garlic bread, I also had peas, onion rings and an egg. Do good and I hadn't had a steak in a while so it was just lovely. For dessert he had bought me something that he knows I love and haven't again had in ages, macarons. I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM! Honestly overall his setting and idea with his brother being waiter was far more thoughtful so I had to be fair and declare him the winner of date wars this time. 

This was a great way to make lockdown a little bit more fun. I loved it! I t was also nice to have a reason to dress up. I think we will be doing this again but after lockdown.

Until Next Time X

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