Everything I ate in a day

After starting the Alexandra's Happy Body Fitness Plan I decided to do a blog on documenting what food I ate throughout the day.

If you've read blog on the fitness plan then you'd know that there wasn't a lot of foods on there I like so I have created my own meal plan.


I went with something quite easy this morning. I had coconut Greek yoghurt, which by the way is INSANE! I had blueberries and raspberries.

I got my yoghurt from Lidl. The fruit I use is always fresh and my favourites are the two berries I used for my breakfast this morning. I also love mango, cherries and strawberries!


For lunch I had an two crumpets and four large strawberries.


For dinner I had Chicken Katsu Curry from Tesco with fresh chicken breasts. It was delicious and yes I do apologise. I completely forgot to take a picture of the meal because I was hungry and couldn't wait to eat it.


One of my favourite things to snack on are chocolate orange rice cakes, which I buy from Tesco. I fell in love with these about a year ago and honestly I'm addicted. In my video I said I was going to have two but I only ended up eating one.

I also made a video, duh I just said above, so if you want to check that out head to our YouTube channel.

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