Halloween Bucket list

So as I absolutely love Halloween I decided to create myself a Halloween Bucket List to make sure I make the most out of this October. Every time I complete something on my bucket list I will update it. So let's begin, if you want to join in with me and get social head to my social media and give me follow.

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To begin my #Halloween Bucket List I am starting with.. drum roll please.. eating a caramel apple ofcourse! It had to be food and actually I decided to go with a chocolate one instead because my inner child prefers those, definitely not because of the sprinkles, I swear.

1. Eat/Make Caramel (UPDATE* Chocolate) Apples

I know that when I was a child I'd always beg my mum for a chocolate apple every time we went shopping. I don't know if it's just me but it's almost become a Halloween ritual that I indulge into one of these. I haven't yet ad one, I did look yesterday but I couldn't see any out yet.

2. Have A Movie Marathon

This is happening tomorrow! 'm roping my boyfriend into my movie marathon and then we will be rating the films. The films that we will be watching will be ones that you can easily access on your TV right now, so keep an eye out for that upcoming blog tomorrow. Annd.. it is live, follow this link HERE to check out our movie marathon blog.

3. Begin To Decorate My Home

Today is the day I start decorating. Not fully but I start to add some little touches. I am off to work this morning so I will be doing that this afternoon so don't forget to follow my social media to see what I do.

4. Go For A Spooky Walk

I just love the idea of horror, you know until it actually happens, haha! So in my mind going for a blackout night walk through the forest is a great idea in my head. There isn't many events on this year because of the blinking corona so I am just trying to find ways of scaring myself and just adding the that Halloween feeling because we need to make the end of the year the best that we can.

5. Make, then my favourite part, eat scary treats

Yum!! I am so excited for this and I do have a special blog to come for this one so watch out! I haven't eaten lots of Halloween treats this October and they were so good! You can read all about them in my recent blog. Scary, sweet and tasty. I also completed a review on Pumpkin Spiced Coffee that I tried from @BeaniesFlavouredCoffee which you can read all about in my blog.

6. Pumpkin Picking

Last year I attended pumpkin picking with my boyfriend and friends. Honestly until last year I'm not even sure if it was 'thing' in the UK. It probably was I had just never really heard of anyone doing it. Let me tell you, I am so glad that it's become a bigger thing because I think little activities with your friends or family like this can be quite cute and just really fun. Last year we went quite late into the month so there weren't many decent pumpkins left but this year I made sure I booked for as soon as I could so we could make this year's bigger and better. We go to @PencoedFachOrganicFarm to pick the pumpkins. It's a really cute farm just down the road from me and they always have it set up so nice, perfect for gram pictures. I am so excited to go again and try and find some bigger pumpkins this time. My blog will be LIVE soon for Pumpkin Picking and Carving.

7. Pumpkin Carving

After pumpkin picking last year we had a competition to see who could carve the best one and my boyfriend won. So, this year we are doing it again and I swear I - am - winning! I love a cheeky scroll through Pinterest so I have been searching high and low for some great design ideas. It needs to be something easy but very effective. I will post the design I choose below (but not yet so come back for updates) then I will post what my pumpkin looks like. Trust me, I don't have the best amount of hope they will look anything alike but I will try. My blog will be LIVE soon for Pumpkin Picking and Carving.

8. Finish Decorating My Home

This was so much fun, I love decorating and over the past week I have been adding little touches to the house. The funniest part was when I mum went on a work meeting video call her background was no longer a wall with hanging body parts and balls and chains.

9. Brew Potions

Potions, more cocktails and spirits haha but I'm going to have a go at recreating so Halloween cocktails for a boozy afternoon with my Mum. Stay around to see how that one goes. So, we done it! We made some Halloween inspired cocktails It was great fun, I would definitely recommend this one.

10. Get Party Ready

As we can't really have a proper Halloween party I decided to put my own together at the end of the month. You can too, just to add something to this year other that lockdowns, not being able to see family and friends. You can do a zoom party or just celebrate with those who are in your house. To find out what I do stay tuned.

Until Next Time Witches X

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