Halloween makeup looks for those who don't do makeup

Yes, I am back and this time we are here with Halloween make-up looks. If you're thinking I have never seen you post anything about make-up before then you are right. I haven't, my make-up skills are... BAAD! However it can't be just me out there who has got the makeup skills of a 2 year old child so I have put together some looks that you can totally pull off this Halloween.

All of the looks that are below can be easily made to look so much more effective by adding coloured contacts. They are so simple yet by adding just a black or red eye these looks with the right outfit would be awesome. If you want me to do anymore let me know, comment below or on my socials.

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Each look is similar but could be changed up with different outfits. They are easy but some effective. Okay, they honestly are nothing amazing.. don't expect to win a makeup contest but instead of going with some mascara and lip gloss they definitely add something to your look. These looks each took me about 15 minutes (with a base) so not long at all. It was quite fun to be honest as I usually don't play around with makeup. I really enjoyed!! So now it's your turn show up my terrible makeup skills in the comments and show me your skills.

Until Next Time Witches! X

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