How I Am Using Isolation to my benefit

I am not saying isolation so far hasn't been a struggle but I am trying my best to use it as a benefit and this is how.

I am a do-er. I enjoy going for food, a-lot! I also do a-lot of shopping and meeting friends for a catch up over a cuppa so yes this whole lockdown situation has got me going a little insane and it's only been a week. On the brighter side of things I am using this time to focus on myself and my surroundings, rejuvenate my energy and think about my future.

I have been painting around the house and having a full deep clean of everything. I started going from room to room beginning with my bedroom. I have also been transforming my bedside cabinet and jewellery stand into new and improved furniture (Transformation coming soon). I began Alexandra's happy body challenge, which is something I have been meaning to do for months but just never got around to doing. I have also been doing 100 squats a day and 2 minute sit ups and 1 minute planks. Considering we can't just pop out for food when we feel like it I didn't buy unhealthy foods in our shop so I haven't got any excuses with eating unhealthy. My aim over the lockdown period is to make this a habit and rid of my unhealthy eating habits by minimising my sugar intake.

Another thing I am doing during isolation is focusing on taking some me time. Currently we have enough time to do this but on a normal day to day life I don't make the time and therefore can sometimes find myself getting too stressed or just feeling run down. Taking time to yourself is so important, you should always manage this time into your daily routine. Even if it's just 10 minutes doing yoga or reading a book or taking a long bath. However maybe you want to make it a day and go meet some friends, go to the spa and have a day of pampering yourself. Whatever it is, it's important! Always remember this key part of information.

Lastly, I am channelling my thoughts and understanding where my life currently is and what I want for my future. For some people you may already have what you have always dreamed of but for other you may still be on that path. I am currently on that path so during this time I am finding out new things about myself, researching, learning and growing. I am creating a plan so when everything become normality again I know my plan going forwards.

I have also watched lots of youtubers posting isolation videos in my chill time! I love it, and to see what others get up to and how they're coping is interesting. Let us know how you are coping by commenting below.

See you tomorrow x

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