hOW I CelebratED My Birthday IN quarantine

So many of us are spending our birthdays on lockdown and if yours is coming up this is how I did it and had an amazing day.

In the morning I woke up to a surprise downstairs set up by my family. There was a display of balloons and banners with cards and presents colour themed pink, white and gold. There was a large blow up 20 and party sign with confetti filled balloons floating around. There was a red velvet cake on a stand and a message board sign with a birthday message. It was super cool and they know how much I love posing.. LOL so it was a fab set up for pictures. You can do your own set up, choose a theme and maybe even get fancy dress. Depending on how far you want to go maybe even decorate the whole house and go all out.

I then spent the day getting pampered, having a long bath and treating myself to the odd snack. I had a full afternoon of face masks, hair masks, foot masks then getting all dressed up and ready to have a great evening. I love a good pamper, just something to lift your spirit levels and just something to make you feel a bit better. You could always have an hour pamper or transform your house/bedroom etc into a make do spa. Or thinking a little bit more outside of the box, maybe your idea of pampering is chilling out and watching your favourite film. Do that! Whatever makes you feel good and happy.

Later in the day of course me being the poser that I am, I had some pictures with my second set up and what a disaster it was. My mum had bought a '20' candle and our aim was to take a picture with the sparklers going on the cake. Trust me, if you have ever tried taking a picture with these candles whilst only having one person to light the candles it's TRICKY! Let's just say it was a fail. By the time we lit the second candle the first was out. Thankfully, we bought some straight ones too because we managed to get some sort of an image out of them. It was funny, tying to light the candle then run to the phone and then posing to try and get a picture. If you are into pictures like me why not create your own photobooth and have everyone take silly pictures with you. If you're not into pictures so much then maybe just opt for a more toned down approach and skip the pictures and get straight to the drinking or if you're under 18 then the games.

As the evening approached we started drinking and playing some games like beer pong and shot Jenga. We done some karaoke and many more shots. As the weather wasn't the best for food we had an indoor BBQ and enjoyed eating burgers, sausages and other party foods that we cooked together on an indoor BBQ. It was great and they had bought some burger boxes from home bargains for a few pounds that were perfect for a cute boomerang. Why not hold a BBQ or maybe order a takeaway or create a mini feast and try some new foods. Do something different. There are so many games you can play board games, drinking games, karaoke and charades. Some popular games are the twerking cereal box, beer pong, cards of humanity. Google is great for checking out new games and seeming as we are in lockdown and shops are either busy or closed there are so many options to buy games online, try Amazon and Ebay.

Overall I had an amazing birthday and that is a huge thank you to both my mum and boyfriend for making it so great! Just remember guys just because we are in lockdown doesn't mean that we can't have great birthdays.

Until Next Time Guys! X

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