How I Celebrated my Boyfriend's Lockdown Birthday

So this weekend was my Boyfriend's birthday and I wanted to make it a full weekend of different activities. We were suppose to be away for the weekend and then next weekend we were going on an adventure day however Corona come at us again. If you haven't already seen my Birthday blog, I did do how I celebrated my birthday in May so if you want some more ideas go check it out. I have also wrote a blog on things you can do in an October Lockdown so if you need something to keep either yourself or the kids entertained then check it out. So this actual birthday is today but I have done a few bits for him over the weekend from pranks to sparklers and I have going to let you know how you can celebrate like a BOSS.

We both had Friday off work so in the morning we went pumpkin picking, okay admittingly that wasn't for him but it was something we had already planned. However when we were out I got his brother to get over 5 bags of balloons that I had previously blown up out of my Mum's car and take them to his room so when we got back it was full of balloons. We put all of his other presents in a hiding space so he didn't know they were here the hole time otherwise he would of definitely tried opening them.

I wanted to try and do the majority of things I planned on Sunday, which is his actual birthday however because he does so much for me I decided to do whatever he wanted for a day and became a slave for the day. So this was my GREAT idea for Saturday. That evening I decided to hold a makeshift date night. I told him the dress up and whilst we was getting ready I put a blanket down with candle light and a fire on the TV. I wanted to do a really nice meal for him but he is such a fussy eater I just decided to order a takeaway instead. It was ready and waiting for him one he had finished getting ready. It wasn't the most amazing setting but something so small like that can be really nice. We haven't dressed up in ages so putting makeup on, a nice dress and doing my hair felt amazing. That night then I had also bought a few sparklers and we went out to the garden and tried making words and pictures with them. Sometimes simple things are entertaining.

Now his actual birthday. So originally I was going to get breakfast from this little bakery he always has food from but yah, you know, corona happened. Soooo instead he had bacon rolls for breakfast in bed and has hid whole family sing happy birthday with party horns. He is not a morning person so he LO-VED it! He doesn't really eat cake so this is his equivalent of a 10 tier chocolate cake, personally I'd rather a cake. Previous to coming over I hand wrote envelopes with riddles and little notes to let him know things that I had planned and just simply saying Happy Birthday. On each of his gifts, after I wrapped them up I wrote times on them of which we could open them which meant it gave him something to look forward to throughout the day as it is hard trying to think of things that involve ONLY the house. Then finally I had ordered an online murder mystery experience where we became detectives for the evening in trying to solve the online mystery. This kind of thing I feel is so much better in real life, in an escape room but this was so much fun and something a little bit different. I seen a few online activities or experiences for all different hobbies, I think these are great ideas.

So overall there are quite a few ways to celebrate; Dress up, try online experiences, cook, have makeshift date nights, go for long walks and a picnic, play drinking games, pull pranks, decorate the house or even have virtual parties. We have nearly all had to have our birthdays in lockdown this year so I really hope that this or my other blogs linked at the top help or if you got any fab ideas let me know how you celebrated or will be celebrating. Let's make a good thing out of something not so good.

Until Next Time Witches X

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