How I Celebrated My Mum's Birthday FT. Lockdown Again

In lockdown, out of lockdown, in lockdown and back out again! This year has been absolutely manic with lockdowns, corona, businesses closing and no really knowing where we are stand. This also means that so many of us have had birthdays in lockdown, which is just rubbish really but I have blogged my way through birthdays in lockdown to give inspiration of ways to celebrate. First, was my birthday and I celebrated with games and drinks and then was my boyfriend's birthday, which we celebrated with surprise lockdown date nights and pranks. If you want to check any of those out you can see mine here and my boyfriend's here.

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To begin the celebrations a few weeks prior I had a cake designed and ordered with @Koala&Bear which I planned to pick up the day before her birthday. The cake was a chocolate orange flavouring with a vanilla icing, topped with sweets, jammie dodgers and chocolate orange pieces. It was just as awesome as I imagined and just as delicious too! I would definitely recommend and will be ordering again soon to get my hands on some Christmas treats.

I sent her out of the house for a while so she knew there was something going on but she wasn't sure what. Whilst she was out my boyfriend and I popped out to pick up the cake and grab some last minute bits. That evening we spent ages preparing decorations around the house and setting up an afternoon tea display. We then made strawberry hearts on skewers, then made and cut sandwiches into little rectangles. We set the cake up where we wanted it to be and after hours of making itty, bitty finger bites be chilled out to watch a film. Then the birthday day came..

I woke my mum with a breakfast in bed of an overnight oats brekky with pink yoghurt and raspberries. I also made a pink coffee and bought some edible rose petals off amazon which I used to create a pattern with.. sort of anyway. I tried okay, just put it this way I probably wouldn't get a job working in a London café where we only go to get Instagram images of the flower petals and fancy cream designs. After she finished her breakfast I gave her her presents.

Then it was time to get pampering. As part of her gifts I bought I load of face masks, creams, body and beauty care products which I thought she could use for a self care morning as she is always working so hard and can never find the time and energy to spend time on herself. I gave her the time that morning, a couple of hours of chilling out and pampering. This is the ultimate zen. Whilst she was bathing I got all of the set up out ready for the tea party, in-between nibbling at it all. I seriously cannot trust myself around food, I'm such a bad influence on myself, "Go on Elle, it's only one chocolate," a whole bag later.

Then it was time for tea! Well, a tea party anyway. The cake was the main display and I had peach gin and lemonade as a drink with candyfloss and golden gummy bears on sticks as a gin display. I had scattered pink confetti over the table and got a cake stand with the sandwiches and mini nibbles. I chose to do a tea party because when we were in London a few months ago we went to the Sunborn Yacht Hotel for an afternoon tea and we absolutely loved it. I agree our kitchen isn't quite as awesome as a yacht but when I planned this I wasn't sure if we were in lockdown or not. It was so much fun with upbeat music in the background and it's fair to say we were stuffed.

After food we cut the cake and watched some films together and just had a full afternoon on chilling out and having chats. It was such a great day and I think she really enjoyed it!

Aswell before I sign off I just say that I got so many of my ideas from Pinterest, it's seriously so good for inspiration. So thank you Pinterest!

Until Next Time! X

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