how I make a natural body scrub with two ingredients

Welcome Back! This is how I make a natural body scrub that has no harmful chemicals but works like a treat with only two ingredients. Plus side, it takes seconds.

So in 2017 I worked for a natural products company. I made a lot of natural products, and learnt a lot about what different base products are good for. One thing that I found out about was Coconut oil, which can be used for so many things. It has become my go to product and I use it to remove makeup, and to look after my skin, and of course this blog is based around, body scrub!

Step 1

Grab a small bowl and spoon. Scoop out about 5 to 10 scoops of the coconut oil and place into your bowl.

Top Tip: The coconut oil needs to be at room temperature. If it's too hot it will be runny and too oily. If it's too cold it will be hard to mix.

Step 2

This is where the second ingredient comes into play. Grab a bag of sugar (I prefer to use caster because it's finer, so isn't as harsh on your skin) and once again scoop 5 to 10 spoonfuls into the bowl.

Step 3

Now mix, stir up and fold the sugar into the coconut oil. This will create a paste texture.

Step 4

Apply in small circular movements to your body.

That's it. Coconut oil and sugar create the perfect natural body scrub. When washing it off because oil and water don't mix the sugar washes off leaving the coconut oil seeping into your skin leaving it soft and moisturized. Try it at home and let me know how you feel after using my technique.

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