How To Be A Badass Book Review

Welcome back badass babes. In today's blog I am reviewing 'How To Be A Badass' by Jen Sincero.

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If you have read this book what did you think? All I can say is, wow! Well, actually I am about to say a bit more than that. This book has honestly changed my life, my mindset and my beliefs. I have always been very optimistic and always dreamt big, often to the point people call me a dreamer and say my heads are in the clouds. However this book opened my mind to places I didn't even know existed and taught me so many inportant lessons along the way. I have always found it hard to get stuck into reading a book but this was a breeze. Page by page had me intrigued, wanting to know what was awaiting me in the following pages. The book explains how you turn your thoughts into your reality. If anything I am sad that the book has come to an end, I will be reading it again ofcourse.

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