How To Stay Motivated When Exercising

So welcome back my badass babes. Today's blog is me teaching you how to stay motivated to exercise.

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If you have already read '3 Lessons 2020 Taught Me' then you would know that last year I found it very hard to motivate myself to exercise. This year I have been pushing myself and using some of these techniques that have worked for me so I wanted to share them with you aong with a few others that I have yet to try also. If you also find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise then it's worth giving these a go and I hope at least one will be of help.

  1. Set yourself a goal. If you are a visual person get online and find somebody with the body simular to what you are targeting to achieve, save that picture, look at it everyday and everytime you work out.

  2. Put your gymwear at the end of your bed so when you wake up you put them straight on.

  3. Reward yourself; Set yourself a target and reward it to yourself once you hit it by a certain date.

  4. Don't jump in to fast; Take it step by step. I am currently working out three days a week this means I can choose which days I have the most energy and on days I choose not to work out I don't feel guilty about not doing it. Maybe my end goals will take a longer to reach but for me this is working.

  5. Take progress pictures; Do one at the very beginning and whenever you're feeling yourself take a picture, after exercising and tell yourself you love youself and you love your body.

  6. Set a day and time and everyweek join together on facetime or zoom with friends/family to do a workout together.

  7. Or if you find it hard to be motiavted with friends/family you can find online fitness groups and get working out with them.

  8. Set a challenge or join in with a challenge whether it be running, walking, push ups, sit ups etc. Find one that suits you and get to it. A little challenge will always spark a little fire.

Until Next Time X

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