I Only Ate Purple Food For 24 Hours... Lockdown Edition

This month is Make May Purple in Aid of the Stroke Association and seeming everyone is loving only eating coloured foods for 24 hours I have decided to only eat purple food for the next 24 hours. You can watch my vlog on the YouTube, go check it out and smash that subscribe button. #MakeMayPurple

I personally love watching these videos, they can be quite funny trying to find these foods. I've had a quick look online at what I could get, however because of lockdown we can't just pop to the shop and a lot of products I could get online are either out of stock or not delivering.

So I've just come back from shopping and due to it being quiet I was able to go to Tesco and Aldi's and honestly, I feel like I am going to be hungry. There just wasn't much at all. I wanted to get food that was already purple but I haven't been able to find any main meal foods so I think I will have to cheat and maybe dye some rice at some point.


So for breakfast I managed to grab an Innocent Smoothie, which at first I couldn't work out was pink or purple but after seeing it by the rest of the purple food I'm saying it's purple. With my smoothie I had black grapes, which I personally think are purple, with blueberry yoghurt. The yoghurt wasn't as purple as I thought it would be seeming when I've had this yoghurt before it's been a deep purple colour.


So my next snack was just the fruit pastilles, great! I definitely normally eat more food than this in a day.


This is now time to cheat. So I actually had to end up dying rice purple, it did sort of work the rice ended up being a lilac colour. I thought it was quite pretty. I actually didn't think about getting purple food colouring so I had to make a purple out of food colouring I already had. I mixed my rice with some red cabbage and beetroot. This was my main meal of the day so I tried to wait as long as I could to have it as I knew there wasn't much left to have.

Overall this challenge was fun and very interesting. The colour purple was very, very hard to find, even online. I would love to try again outside of lockdown. I will also be trying other colours too so keep watching and head to our Youtube Channel and subscribe for more videos coming soon.

See You All Soon With Our Next Blog X

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