I Went On A Tour Of Penderyn Distillery

Penderyn Distillery is a Wales Whiskey farm where they produce their own branded whiskeys. They also sell their own range of gins, vodka and irish cream.

I recently had a guided tour around the inside of the factory where they make their whiskey's from scratch and got to find out exactly how it's made and how long it actually takes for it to mature, which was a shock. Most definitely not a quick process. As soon as I entered the distillery the heat hit you, it was literally like getting off a plane in Spain, the temperature was about 24 to 26 degrees but it can rise to about 45 degrees throughout the day. There was also a very strong smell of yeast that hit you when walking in. It wasn't the nicest smell, I've got the be honest. However the tour was great, very informative and it was great to see the behind the scenes.

After the tour you have the chance to try two testers of any of their drinks. I had the Rose Petal Gin and Chocolate Orange Gin. My mum had the Merlin (which is like Bailey's) and original whiskey. My favourite was the Chocolate Orange gin, which was strong in taste and very moreish. Next was the Merlin, it was creamy and full of flavour. It is like Bailey's but so much nicer. I don't like Bailey's at all but Merlin was just insane tasting. My third favourite was the Rose Petal Gin, which again had a strong taste but was a little more bitter than the other gin I tasted. I'm not a fan of whiskey so didn't try that one however all the drinks were much nicer than I expected them to be and I would defiantly go to the shop and buy these alcoholic beverages.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I would go back for a masterclass, hopefully in the near future.

Thank you for reading! See You Tomorrow X

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