I Went To A Unicorn Festival

So as you've probably guessed from the title I went to a Unicorn Festival with my friend and oh my gosh it was one of the best things I have done.

It was an adult only party at the Tramshed, Cardiff. We got there quite early for the event and had to wait outside in the freezing cold British weather for about an hour before they even allowed us in. The beginning was sloppy and a bit of a let down. From this moment we didn't have the best expectations for the event after it starting late however it turned out to be a fab night.

As it got busier the better it became. There was glitter everywhere, a massive inflatable unicorn by the bar, a rodeo unicorn which by the way I was rubbish at. They had a glitter station where you get glitter put on your face and buy horns and tails. There was a photobooth and UV paint. It was such great fun.

The photobooth was loads of fun. You could pose with your mates and get three images then it would automatically print out a copy for each of you. We had a few goes on that , not going to lie.

There wasn't many chairs set up so you had to stand and the music was normal chart songs so it encouraged you to dance. It was so much fun. They even had event staff dancing and playign games such as limbo for prizes. That was funny, especially when you add alcohol to the mix.

Even thought it was a great night I do feel like the drinks were overpriced. They were charging about £12 for a 'glass' (which was basically a shot) of unicorn prosecco. What even is that, like seriously. It's fair the say my money basically went on drink because it was so expensive. Should of gone to spoons first.

So in conclusion at first I didn't know what to expect, whether it was going to be a bit of an odd event or childish but t was so much fun and if there was another like it I would definitely go again. If you get the Fatsoma app for your phone you can check out events being held all over the UK and that is where we found the unicorn festival.

Bye, See Ya Tomorrow! X

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