Whilst in Birmingham I stopped for a drink in the Bullring, Bubbleology, I couldn't choose which one, so closed my eyes and the drink I opened my eyes on, that was what was ordered.

I ordered the unicorn rose coconut milk tea. It was so cool to look at. Blue base with pink cream on top scattered with glitter and party ring! Who doesn't love a party ring? The first half was so, so good but then after that it began to get quite sickly and a bit too rich. I did begin to bloat and feel quite sick so I couldn't finish the whole drink. Another downside was that the drink took a while to be prepared, I was probably waiting about 10 minutes. From what I remember I thought it was quite expensive. I'm sure it was about £7 for the drink which isn't going to break the bank but for a drink that you can't finish it's kind of a let down.

Inside I chose to sit in an area with hanging bubble chairs which were really comfy. Perfect for the 'gram so I had to get a picture. I would also say that the drink was also very grammable. The shop was small but decorated quite well, with cool signs on the wall, and had a relaxing atmosphere.

Overall, it was great but I wouldn't rush back for another drink. Have you ever been? If so, let me know your experience.

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