I Went to Who Cult

Yesterday I went to @whocult which is a coffee & doughnut café based in Bridgend. I had been following them on social media for a while and drawling over their insane doughnuts so thought it was finally time to try one for myself.

Who Cult is based in an industrial estate which is easy to navigate to. there is plenty of parking with an a small outdoor sitting area. Unfortunately the weather wasn't really good enough to sit outside and eat however I enjoyed the doughnut in the car.

The doughnuts I chose were the Biscoff, M&M Crispy, Oreo and Jam. I chose the M&M one for myself and shared the Jam (the longer shaped one) with my Mum. My favourite out of the two were the M&M, it was so delicious with a bouncy, fresh dough. The topping was just enough and not too sickly. The other I tried was also delicious. It had a jam filling with nuts sprinkled on the top with icing and a chocolate sauce. My usual pick wouldn't be a jam doughnut so that's why t wasn't my favourite but still yummy. I wasn't aware when choosing the doughnuts that it was Jam as there were no clear signs of flavourings etc otherwise I may of chosen something else at the time but I don't regret it. They also do coffee, tea and shakes. I didn't try one of those as at the time I wasn't feeling a drink. I will be going back again and next time will try a drink.

The pricing was £3 a doughnut or £10 for a box of 4. I would say that that's the average price, most certainly worth every penny!

I am always looking for new places to try whether it's food wise, activities or places to visit! If you have any suggestions HMU on our social media @elunico @elunicoblog

Until Next Time! X

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