Keeping Sane In Isolation

Honestly keeping sane, making the most of every day and just staying positive is all we need to focus on right now.

This is a tough time for all of us during lockdown. I personally have been making the most of it so far, although it has only been two days for me as I finished work on Wednesday. I have began by turning my old bedside cabinet and jewellery stand into new and improved furniture (a vlog will be LIVE soon with the transformation). I have also painted the living room, bleached all the floors, I don't know how many times, deep cleaned the bathroom, my bedroom, the kitchen and living room and binge watched Elite on Netflix. I've been keeping myself busy but it is getting to a point where everything is squeaky clean or already painted or DIY'ed out so I have come up with some things that we can do to keep sane during this pandemic.

1. Stop Sitting, Start Squatting; There are so many ways of exercising at home whether it's going up and down the stairs 50 times, squats, sit ups, push ups or the plank. If it's too easy find items around the house to hold and use them as weights. Get moving. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel happy and happiness and positivity is everything we need to feel right now. As quoted by Elle Wood, "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don't shoot their husbands." Quote Legally Blonde.

2. Cook Up Something New; Have a look online there are SO, SO, SO, SO many recipes, why not try something new? Make a meal a day that you've never tried before. Whoever you are isolating with, get them to chip in with making the meal.

3. TikTok; This app is going viral worldwide. Get your booty into the groove and learn some dances, lip sink to cheesy voices on the app or just scroll and watch what everyone else if getting up to.

4. Get Crafty; What items in your house need either a deep cleanse or a slight replenishment? DIY is a great way to keep yourself busy and occupied, plus when you're done it will feel great. As said above I bought some paint and a mini roller and I have began transforming my cabinets into new masterpieces. Maybe you're into fashion design and you've got an old top that doesn't fit anymore because you've got a little bustier over the years. Change it up! Get sewing, turn it into a jacket.

5. Join Me In The 'Happy Body' Challenge; More to be explained in tomorrow's blog post so come back at 2pm for more information on that.

6. Flick Some Pages; Start reading a book. It doesn't have to just be fictional. I have been reading 'You Are A Badass' which is a book recommended by empowering business leaders. It's about changing that mindset, something that empowers me. Find a book that draws you in and begin reading.

7. Take Time To Yourself; Sometimes social distancing is actually a blessing. Take a long bath, lock yourself in your bedroom and listen to music, create a mood board or give yourself a manicure. Focus on giving yourself some love and time to clear your mind.

8. Make A Bar In Your Kitchen; Fancy a drink? Get ready, put on some music, get the alcohol flowing and have a night of drinking, dancing and just having a good night in.

9. Movie Marathon; Choose a load of movies, grab some snacks and create your own home cinema. If you love Harry Potter the films from start to finish will take a full day, trust me and know, I'm not ashamed I have had a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. Disney + is huge right now, get on it and binge watch.

10. Learn Something New; Take this time to learn a new skill or hobby. Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Well now is your time. Maybe you want to be able to do the splits or be a pro at juggling. Whatever floats your boat, get online, watch some videos, download the app and get skilling at something new.

So that's my top 10 things to keeping sane during isolation. In the comments feel free to add your own ideas and what you've been getting up to so far!

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