Life-Changing Things you should do at the beginning of every month

Look back over what you achieved last month and anything you have learnt from; Let's go back to the beginning of October. From start to finish how did you feel? What did you achieve? Is there anything you want to change? What do you love about your life right now? Think about those things and now reflect on your current life, your current situation, where you are right now reading this and how you're feeling before, during and after reading this. Now it's where goal setting comes in. After answering the questions I just asked you have a think about some things that you would like to achieve this month. It can be anything whether it's career related, personal life, your home, introducing a new habit or the people you surround yourself with, no matter what it is set yourself those goals. The aim is to not over power yourself with 100's of goals but just the main things you would like to change this month. Write them down, look at them every morning and every night, think about them throughout the day and take small actions every day to allow the universe to help you make those things happen.

Create a self care plan for the month; Everyone needs to take time out of their busy scheduled to focus on ourselves. We have all been there, where we keep pushing and pushing and pushing until our bodies physically make us stop and take a break. That is the universe telling us that it's time to take a little bit of self care. It doesn't have to be all day, even if it's just taking a long bubble bath with candle lights and relaxing music then that is something. Self care is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in this blog. Without self care we can't achieve anything. The reason why it's so important is that is helps us to destress, take time out, tranquil, rejuvenate energy to go again and then learnt o love ourselves. So many of us don't like what we see in the mirror, it's just human nature at times, however by taking time to yourself you are learning to appreciate your mind, soul and body which builds self love. You wouldn't leave your flower un nourished and uncared for do don't do it to yourself. Set up a plan for yourself, even if it's a 20 minute bath then do it. When you appreciate yourself and grow love suddenly the world around you changes, everything is brighter, more positive and you in yourself radiate happiness. If you need help creating a self care plan I have posted previous different things I do.

Self Care Morning Routine

Spot Secrets

Budget yourself; By planning ahead taking away our outgoings, adding to savings this helps us plan what money we will have let to enjoy. Give yourself a weekly allowance. By managing your money better it's easier to feel less stressed and more happy in yourself.

Have a deep clean; Eliminate anything around you that doesn't need to be there. De clutter! I know that deep down inside a lot of us are hoarders but there does come a point where we have to take control of our selves and our lives and just remove negative energy. If you keep receipts, I know I do, how many have you got from the past month that you can't even use anymore? Just throw them out. Re access your wardrobe, make sure everything is in it's place, shoes are cleaned and any washing loads are done and put away. Bleach, sweep, dust and repeat. Not everyone has time to always do a full deep clean so if you find it hard to make that time on a regular basis then just make the time at the start of the month. Also don't forget your car, give that some love too.

Plan ahead; See who's birthdays are upcoming, holidays, planned events (although at this moment there won't be many of them) and get prepared. Buy the cards and write them, buy the present(s), decide what you're going to do for celebrations so you have it sorted so it's not a last minute stress. Our lives are full with enough hustle and bustle that there is no need for us to add unnecessary stress to it.

Until Next Time! X

P.S I have attached my self care plan and if you go to my social media you can find a few different FREE printables or downloadables for you to help if you haven't got the time to make your own timetables and boards. Let's change our lives together.

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