Making Mr Kipling Halloween Cupcakes

Who doesn't love cupcakes? This week I have been trying the make the most of the Halloween season, even though we are in a Welsh lockdown. I have been pumpkin picking and carving, making bubbling cauldrons, decorating the house and trying lots of Halloween themed treats. You can check out all of the behind the scenes on my socials.

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So I bought myself a box of Mr Kipling Halloween Cupcake mix. I also bought the orange icing from Asda, which by the way smells and tastes IN-SANE. I began making and then realised all that was actually in this box was the Mr Kipling Cocoa powder. I always remember that in those cake box mixes they always had sprinkles and cases but nope, nothing. Do they even add those extra bits in anymore? I was quite upset as I now only had yellow or green muffin cases with polka dots. They had to do. It was fine, I had to make do with.

Soooo they went okay, they were definitely yummy but then was the best part, decorating. My mum and I done a few designs from spiders to eyes, a boo sign out of fondant icing and a monster like design with edible eyes. Something else I have been seeing a lot lately is the spider web effect with marshmallows. I made a larger cake to with some left over mixture and wanted the create the web effect on there. Let me tell you, if you have never tried the marshmallow spider web effect then take it when I say it, I legit had it stuck to me for ages. It was so sticky yet so effective. It was great fun but we did have a laugh watching me trying to get it off. Thankfully warm water and soap came to my rescue. I would love to see any Halloween bakes that you have made so please pop onto my social media pages and comment below pictures or links to your bakes. Every like/comment/follow/RT will be returned. So, even though the box of nothing did surprise me and I had to make do, personally I think they turned out quite great and I had a lot of fun making them.

Until Next Time Witches! X

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