My 2021 Bucket List; Becoming A Badass Version of Me

This is going to be a big one so grab a cuppa and a biscuit and put your feet up. I hope you enjoy. Obviosuly as 2020 was a little bit of a washout I am dedicating this year to bigger and better experinces and growing myself both physcially and mentally.

Lessons that I am teaching myself this year are:

1. How to grow my self confidence and fall in love with myself again; This is the only way that I can believe in myself and achieve what I desire out of my life. I think back to when I was a kid in primary and everything I done. I had no care for what other people thought, I lived for me, done me for me and honestly, was the happiest ever. When I actually let go of that worry of what people thought of me I was so much more confident, happy and less stressed out. Throughout high school my confidence decreased the older I got. Only I am to blame because I allowed other people's opinions of me effect what I thought of myself, effect how I saw myself and I became someone who I wasn't. The idea of school would become unbearing because I knew that whilst I was there I would never fully allow myself to be who I was. Since leaving school my confidence has grown massively but I still look for other people's approval and that is an important lesson that I am teaching myself this year. I live for me, nobody else and what I do with my life effects no one but me. I will do what I want, when I want, wear what I want and become the best and most confident version of myself again, just like back in primary school.

2. How to love being alone; This is again the only way that I can fully achieve what I desire and build confidence and grow into the badass women that I know I am. Being alone has always made me feel uncomfortable. As soon as I am alone, it's like I am part of my own circus show and everything I do my nerves get the better of me and I allow myself to freak out and overthink and do silly things because I feel so awkward. People are my comfort zone but I need to learn to love being alone and being in my own presence.

3. How to take control of my own blasting life; Yes, take control of my life. Fight the want of being a couch potato on days I feel lazy and uninspired to workout or get up, get dressed and go out or write that blog that I have been meaning to do all week. I am going to do everything in my power to push every single limit that I have, be the most uncomfortable I have ever been and do what needs to be done in what seems like impossible time scales.

So with these lessons in place that I will read every single day, that will take place on my vision board and remind me every day that I am capiable, I will do it and I am going to change into the badass women that I know I am. Also this year, alongside the lessons there are many experiences that I will undertake as part of my pushing limits and becoming my badass self will be undertaking to become the best version of me.

Step One; I want to feel uncomfortable because nobody ever grows or learns when they feel comfortable in their environment. This means I am taking the big step of moving out, this is also the first business venture of 2021. My desire is to have a portfolio of properties by the time I am 30 so the next 10 years will be dedicated to making that desire a reality. The journey begins here, with me, nobody else but me. This will also teach me about being alone. I will be moving out with my boyfriend however I have never been away from my mum for longer than a week so my own limits will be pushed, becoming an adult, becoming my own person and learning to be alone. Honestly, I am a bit of a home bird so the thought of moving out seems a little unreal but I am making it happen.

Step Two; I have put clues in previous blogs and vlogs but if you have missed them or this is the first blog that you are reading El Unico is no longer going to be just a blog but an empowering affordable women's fashion brand featuring loungewear t-shirts with unqiue badass designs. My brand will be launching this year, I have done simular in the past but always jumped into it too soon and for that and many other reasons they never worked. This time I am getting out there and my brand will become the women's fashion brand to watch. This will teach me disicpline, resilience and the push me so far out of my comfort zone my legs will shake like there is an earthquake, my throat will go dry like I haven't had a drop of water in months and my palms will probably sweat to the point I don't want to touch anything because of the boundaries I will be breaking through.

Step 3; To travel, far and wide, to new and wonderful sights that I have never laid eyes on before and take in all of the culture around me. First on my 2021 travel bucket list is the Maldives to celebrate my 21st birthday. This is actually officially booked along with two nights in Dubai. I have never been to either of these places so I am more than excited for this journey. Also on my bucket list is to visit Salou, Spain, go to 3 European cities and travel more of the UK.

Step 4; Facing my fear; This year is basically dedicated to overcoming many fears. I will experience new and thrilling adventures such as a sky dive, honestly I wouldn't mind where but ideally somewhere a little different to the UK. The idea of jumping out of a plane thousands of feet into the air with only a bit of material to save my life actually terrifies me which is great! Moving on, I'd love to take part in many water sports and face my fears of being in open water. The wierd thing is I love swimming and being in deep water but the thought of an open lake or the sea makes my whole body tense up. So this year I will doing water sports that throws me in open, deep water and leaves me there to panic, which is great. The only way I can overcome my fears. I want to go caving and face my fear of the enclosed and entrapped feeling, I've never been massivly outdoorsy so this is also a little out there for me. The whole uderground getting all wet, cold, muddy and minging isn't my scene but I am doing it for me. So I will be getting wet, cold, muddy and minging in tight and entrapped areas. That is great.

Step 5; Still experiences but this time with food. I want to send my taste buds wondering into new and wonderful food creations from all over the world and attend restaurants I have never been to before.

Step 6; Become uncontrollably in love with myself when I look in the mirror and block out all bad thoughts about my body. I will only see the poistives that there are about myself because I was born in this body and everything about it is what makes me unqiue. My one dimple when I smile, my stretch marks, my teeny weeny baby ears, my loud and annoying laugh, my bumps and scars, everything is what makes me who I am and why when I look at myself do I want to be anyone else but me. We all have our own struggles. We all have our own lives. But why do we go through life wanting to be somebody else or want what somebody else has. We can better ourselves, but do it for you, nobody else and remember that we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We are all built differently, for example someone could eat a whole cake and not put any wieght on and you, on the other hand could only have one slice and wake up the next morning with two extra pounds to your waist. We are all different and righfully so otherwise what would this world be? A boring ball of reptitivness. Somewhere I know for definite I wouldn't want to live.

I will read this everyday. You know, actually I challenge you to create a goal for yourself. Either save this blog and read it everyday, like an affirmation, or create your own and live, sleep and breath what I am saying and you will soon start to see your actions coming into play. We are all unhappy about something and if you can't change it, change your mindset about it. This year we are becoming badass women, stronger than ever, happier than ever and looking challenges in the eyes with a buring ball of desire and saying, "I will win." At the end of the year I will recap this blog and come back to you on my progress. But for now I leave you to be a show the universe how badass you really are because when you act badass, badass opportunites come your way.

Until Next Time X

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