My Boyfriend Controlled My Life For A Day

So, where to begin. I let my boyfriend control my life for a day from what I drank and ate to activities and what I wore. At least I got to have a dominos right? You can watch my video on our YouTube Chanel by following this link @ElUnico

Without further or do let's begin.


My day started with not breakfast or a tea or even water but 30 minutes of exercise. I had to do 15 minutes of sit ups and 15 minutes of squats and let me tell you it was sweaty. However I did feel good after it and productive like I was ready to get at the day. The next activity was the watch a film on Netflix. I ended up randomly picking a film called 'Remember Me' and I feel like it was a waste of 2 hours of my life. the film was terrible. It was boring and just flat the whole way through, I would not recommend.

Normally in the morning I have a tea and then have some breakfast before starting some work so this was completely different for me. As you could imagine by this point I was hungry but thankfully it was now time for breakfast and he wanted me to have chicken wraps. Random I know for breakfast. The wraps I used weren't what I normally have, they were a medditarainian flavour so I didn't like it at all, my wrap went to my mum and I went without.


After my wraps it was time to venture back into my room to read my book. Currently I am reading 'How To Be A Badass' - I love this book so much, it really does open your eyes to new ways of seeing things. This book was recommended by entrepreneurs so i ordered i a couple of months ago and it is honestly such a great read. After reading my book I then had to go for a walk wearing sporty clothes. I realises I has worn all of my workout clothes that week so needed to come up with an outfit. I ended up pairing black joggers and a pink crop top with white trainers and a pink hat with hoop earrings. I went for a walk with my mum for an hour around our local area then headed home.


One thing I love to do and that is sing. I am always singing or doing karaoke so that was next on my agenda. I stayed on the karaoke for a while, which by the way I did to film that part for the vlog haha. After carrying out my own karaoke sesh it was finally time for a bath. My favourite part comes next where I got to order a dominos. I was so excited to order because I was just so hungry by this point of the day, especially after not eating the wrap. It arrived and was so, so good.

So overall it wasn't too bad allowing my boyfriend to control my day however I felt myself getting more tired by the end of the day than usual. I would say that this is probably because I wasn't doing much throughout the day and didn't really need to use my mind for anything. It was a chilled out lazy day, good but not my kind of thing. So a massive shoutout to Ryan, my boyfriend for takign part in my crazy ideas.

Until next time (which by the way is 2pm tomorrow) X

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