My Spot Secrets

I've always been quite lucky and never really had terrible skin but of course it's only natural to get spots, especially when going through puberty. I always get asked about how I handle them so I decided to share some things I do.

**Also just a little disclaimer I am not a beautician or an expert in anything that I say, it's just some things I do that work for my skin. Every skin is different so they may not work for you but if they do then I'd love to help and I'd love for you to share products or routines that work you either below, via email or on our socials.

My Step 1 - Strip it back - I'm not a massive makeup wearer anyway but I always try if I got spots to not cover them in makeup as it's just going to clog them up. Try and keep a clear face for a few days (if you can or as minimal as you can) don't suffocate your spots, let them breath!

My Step 2 - My Miracle Worker - @GlamGlow face mask. Trust me when I say it but this face mask works so well for my skin, it destroys my spots in days and then I'm back to a clear face. I use this two/three times a week or more if I got more spots. This is my favorite skincare product at the moment. I love this brand and this face mask so much! They have currently got a Barbie collect out that I am gagging to get my hand on. I found out about this brand because I had a sample from a beauty shop I went to last year and thought I may as well try it, it worked and now I am OBSESS-ED. The products aren't the cheapest in the beauty market by far but I would recommend and that the products are totally worth the money.

My Step 3 - Wash It Away - I tend to swap the face washes that I use otherwise my skin seems to get use to it and starts playing up. I use the Infinite wash by @ForeverLiving and the vital vitamin foaming cleanser by @Simple - Both of these face washes work wonders with my skin and leave me hydrated and cleansed.

My Step 4 - Massage - I use a small facial brush to massage my face in small circles and upwards motions. This helps to bring blood circulation to the outer layer of your skin and helps to fight any bacteria that may be lurking where the spots are. A little bit of self care and love is what it takes.

My Step 5 - Finish It There - I then finish my routine with the Glam Glow face cream, I have tried two from their range, my favourite is the pink glow starter moisturizer. The smell is insane and honestly, feels smooth going onto your skin.

Until Next Time X #elunico @elunico

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