Not Feeling Christmassy? Things You Can Do To Get Into The Spirit

Even though I am a ginormous lover of Christmas sometimes I just can't get myself into the spirit of things, I find it hard to feel Christmassy and I just don't feel festive at all. So that's why I decided to write my blog on ways to get into the spirit of Christmas so you can enjoy it to the full this year. We NEED that after the year we have had.

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Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

So the first thing is quite self explanatory, don't say no, if you want to get into the spirit then put your tree up a little earlier. Do it with carols on, pop Christmas hats on and get yourself a hot chocolate or festive gin. Decorate the house so no matter which room you are in there is an Autumn/Festive feel.

Don't Be A Scrooge

There are soo many movies out there so you won't run out if you just watch a few now. Have a mini marathon of snowy films. I have recently put up a Christmas Movie Advent Calendar on my social media if you want to go check that out. My personal favourite movies for really getting into the mood for Christmas are Home Alone, Elf and The Scrooge however there are so many more.

Hey Alexa!

Play Christmas Songs. Get them going in the car, in the house, in your office. Where ever it may be if you play them you will soon start feeling the vibes.

Dear Santa

If you have got kids or want to do one yourself write your letter to Santa a little earlier this year. You could even make an afternoon of it, write a letter do some crafts.

Time To Eat

Which brings me to my next step. Try some festive baking; Christmas tree cupcakes, snowman cookies, fudge, coconut ice or reindeer bread. There are so many recipes (especially on Pinterest) or if you're not the best at cooking you can buy the box mixes or even but ready made and just decorate. Create a festive platter or take your bakes around to family and friends, who you haven't been able to spend a lot of quality time with this year. Have a hot chocolate making contest, who can create to best look hot chocolate. Also there are so many festive/winter recipes for apple cider on Pinterest so why not dedicate an afternoon to making so yummy drinks.

Shop Until You Drop

If you are not in lockdown then get out there! Start shopping, even if you already have all your presents, applause you on how prepared you are, then you could still go out and just window shop or go for a festive meal or coffee. I have recently been tying festive foods that I keep adding to so if you need some guidance just pop to that blog and take a look. Don't just go to the big shopping centres but the small local shops that would of had the worst effect of this year.


Go searching for nearby events. I know most have been cancelled however there are still little shopping huts in main city centres and some small festive events so have a search for your local area and go support them.

Bambi On Ice

Okay, what's one thing we all seem to do more of in December? Ice skate, go ice skating then stop off for a meal or hot chocolate and layer up warm. What better way to get into the spirit of icy night.

Can I A Smell Snowflake Cookie Candle?

Try out some beauty Christmas ranges for example Yankee Candle have some awesome festive scents, treat yourself and splurge on a nice scent you can burn or get some of the Body Shop's Christmas body care range. Have a pamper with only festive products from you favourite shops.

I really hope that this had helped and now you can plan your next upcoming weeks with lots of festive actives to get you in the mood. You can also do most of these multiple times but changing them up. You can change the area you shopped at, bake different treats, have more than one pamper night, do an outdoor Christmas tree too. Don't a scrooge, especially this year, let's just enjoy the magic of Christmas to the fullest.

Even thought it's not officially December or Christmas yet I'm still going to say it,

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals! X

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