The Streets Of cyprus

My first time to Paphos, Cyprus was in February 2020.

The day we got there it was quite late so we ordered a Pizza hut, which by the way was absolutely massive, not to mention delicious! My boyfriend literally lived off pizza and KFC the whole time we were there. The only time I got him to eat something else was when we visited Wagamamas in the Kings Avenue mall. Me on the other hand I wanted to try some new foods or restaurants that I hadn't tried before.

So I began at Cinnabon with a vanilla cupcake and then went back a few days later for the original large cinnamon-bun. Both tasting insane with the cutest little box as packaging. My only thoughts were, it was not easy to know exactly what you were ordering, of course you can just about work out that you're ordering a 'vanilla', 'chocolate' cake but it wasn't sign posted. I would of preferred it to be a bit more consumer friendly in that sense. However still great desserts, I just wish there was one slightly closer to home.

We visited Taco bell, I didn't actually have the tacos but a chicken burrito with fries. The menu was easy to read and I like the option of fries or nachos. There were a large variety of dishes to order, me being my indecisive self, I decided to close my eyes and just point at something that I would then order. Worked out well because it was so good, definitely recommend. The new Taco Bell has just opened in Cardiff Central, the capital of South Wales, so I will be making a visit to there as that one a lot closer to home.

We visited Coral Bay a couple of times and stopped in a small but very cute restaurant for food twice. I tried Dolmades which is basically vine leaves wrapped around minced meat in a tomato based sauce served with chips or a jacket potato. I honestly did not regret trying this. They tasted like meatballs. I'm not a lover of tomatoes or tomato bases but this was yummy. I would have this dish again.

I've finished with food now, I promise. We visited Coral Bay as mentioned above and it is such a beautiful place. There was a beach that was slightly hidden about a 5 minute walk from the restaurant mentioned above. We went there twice and chilled in the sun. The last full day we were there was the hottest and it was lovely to just lie down and relax.

We went to Tombs Of The Kings as we had heard quite a lot about it. Personally I am not a history/museum kind of person so if you are this is probably the perfect place for you. Myself, personally I wouldn't rush back. There was a small admitted fee of 2 Euros and the last entry is just before 4.30pm. It's quite a nice place to take images and there are incredible views as well as beautiful scenery.

When we booked the trip we didn't take into consideration about the fact it was out of season so a lot of the activities that we would of loved to of done were closed. There is a large water park not too far away from Chlorakas area, where we stayed, which was closed for the season. The quads for safari tours, also closed. It was tricky to get any information on boats rides also as the excursion guides were closed too the majority of the time we were there. Regardless it was still a great holiday.

The weather in February was decent, not the warmest especially when it comes to the nights but the last few days were between 17 to 21 degrees. Honestly, it was just nice to get away.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the whole holiday. I would go back, probably at a date more in season but made some amazing memories. If you would like to see more about my holiday and Cyprus follow my link to my Youtube vlog >

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