Partylite candles: are they as great as everyone says?

So I have heard so many people raving over Partylite candles, I also know someone who sells them so I had to try them for myself!

I have tried quite a few products but this particular review is on Mango Magic three wick candle. I'm going to focus this review on the top 3 things we look for whilst buying a new candle. One; How good does it smell?, Two; How long does it Last? and Three ; Probably for most of us the most important question of all, how much does it cost?

Answering two questions in one, I have been burning 'Mango Magic' all day and the smell is still strong. You know when you find a candle you absolutely love the scent of but after you've burnt it for a while that smell begins to fade and it becomes almost scentless? Partylite candles burn evenly through the scent and the wax and you don't get the black soot neither which is great! I can most certainly see why people rave about these candles. There are loads of fragrances to choose from, the only question is which to choose?

Lastly, you are probably now wondering after reading the above how much do the candles cost? The three wick candle is roughly £22.95 which some people would say is quite expensive but honestly completely worth it. I would much rather buy quality over buying cheaper candles that don't last as long, in the longer term it would work otu alot more expensive to keep having to buy candles that run out after an hour or so.

Overall, I totally vibe these candles.

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