Pumpkin Picking And Carving

So a lockdown is here for us Welsh so I decided to go pumpkin picking before I missed my chance. Last year was my first time and I enjoyed it so much, I knew I had to come again. I did take some cute pictures, you can see them on my socials.

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To go pumpkin picking I couldn't go far due to a local lockdown anyway however there is a cute farm, where I went last year, called @PenceodOrganicFarm and they throw an awesome pumpkin experience. There is a big field full of pumpkins which you can pick up and collect yourself aswell as marquees up with hale bale photobooths and larger pumpkins. I already have a few pumpkins so I didn't need that many more. I was more just going for the aesthetics and to get more into an Autumn vibe, especially with the dark weather upon us now that wasn't hard. I paid £5 for my pumpkin which was like a medium size. It was great fun and the weather thankfully stayed reasonably dry.

We then carved the pumpkins. So far my mum and I have done one each but we have still got two to go later in the week so if you want to see them head to my social media page @elunicoblog - I done a cat like cut out on the front and the top and my mum done a bat. I had no idea what to do so just went for it and came up with whatever my pumpkin carving knife done. It was great fun, especially considering I had a day off, just to have a bit of fun and chill out for a bit. With Halloween around the corner and no where to go due to Lockdown I just want to enjoy my days and make this week Halloween themed. I also decorated the house and made Halloween cakes so a full day of it. It's fair to say I am tired now and ready to chill out.

P.S I love seeing people's carvings so please comment on my socials and show me your pumpkins.

Until Next Time Witches! X

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