Reviewing Bubble Trouble

And we are back for another review! This time I am reviewing Bubble Trouble UK. I love bath bombs and all things Halloween which we have probably already established. If you haven't, where have you been? Then you definitely need to check out my Halloween Bucket List blog.

I recently ordered two Halloween inspired bath bombs from Bubble Trouble UK. I ordered the Toffee Apple and Pumpkin Passion. I also wanted the witch's charm but it was out of stock *cue over dramatic sighs*. They were both priced at £3.95 which I think is a very reasonable price, it is about average no matter where you go or who you buy from. First impressions were that they were very adorable. There were little hand written notes saying 'Thank You' which was very nice to see from a small business. I loved that touch!

So the first bath bomb that I trialled was the Toffee Apple. The colours on the bath bomb were quite faint so I was sceptical of how colourful it would turn the water but it done great. The colour was very vibrant when I put it in my bath. As soon as it hit the water it started fizzing. Have you ever had a bath bomb before with was more of a colour ball for the bath and not much of a bomb, no fizz, no nothing other than disappointment? Yes, I have. But his just kept fizzing and I loved that! On the product description it said it would leave your bath a fiery red mine of more of a pastel pink colour. No that I'm complaining because I do love pink so that's fine by me however if you was expecting red that may of been a little bit disappointing. It was described to smell like candy apples and that it most certainly did.

Then it was time to try Pumpkin Passion. Again, the colours on the bath bomb were quite faint but it did turn the water into a bright orange colour. Once again there was a great fizz. On the product description it said to pull the stalk off for a surprise. Now moving on to smell, the scents of this one were clove and cinnamon with a hint of zesty orange and they were beautiful. I let it sit in the bath for a bit and the whole bathroom was filled with a strong aroma that smelt like pure Autumn.

Overall I would recommend both products and would probably try more from Bubble Trouble UK in the future. Out of the two my favourite scent was Pumpkin Passion but I loved having a pink bath. Next I'd love the try Witch's Charm and Always Watching.

Until Next Time Witches! X

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