Reviewing food from the red lion, penderyn

After attending the tour of the distillery, which by the way if you haven't read that blog head over to there now, I went for food at The Red Lion Inn.

First of all the restaurant is up a little lane and situated opposite a very cute church. The restaurant both inside and outside was small and cosy with fireplaces and stone walls. It was very small inside and they sat us at a little table.  I personally felt cramped and just squeezed into the space. I felt a little bit uncomfortable at the beginning of the meal, but started to relax as time went on. After being seated we then had to wait a while, before even being asked if we were ready to order food, not the best service at this point to be honest.

I began drinks with an ice cold Malibu and Lemonade, one of my favourite refreshing drinks. For mains I had the trio of crumpet pizzas, which honestly I wasn't sure if this was a type of pizza or whether it was actually just three crumpets. Bearing in mind this main meal was roughly £14 and when it came it was quite basically three crumpets with some toppings. Never the less they were really good and I have since gone on to make the cheese and tomato crumpet pizza at home, however I do feel that £14 for that meal was a bit much. Then onto dessert, I had the raspberry cheesecake. The best part of the meal by far, the cheesecake was absolutely incredible. It even had raspberries inside of the actual cheesecake. I could not fault this dessert. It was also served with a raspberry sorbet. I would go to this restaurant just for the cheesecake honestly.

The meal ended up being different indeed. Crumpets I would have again but not at that price and I wouldn't recommend ordering that main dish just because it is not worth the price. However, the dessert I would recommend to everyone. Overall, the meal was pleasant and it was nice to eat somewhere different, but I wouldn't rush back.

So that's it of today's blog. Hope you enjoyed the read. Let us know if you have visited The Red Lion and what places you would like us to visit next.

We will be back tomorrow at 2pm! X

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